Once again, DO NOT FREAK OUT if your friends have received some biggie ASPIRE mail and you haven’t!

As you’ll know, Aspire is TCS’ s Pre-ILP Engagement Program! You will receive a mail right before you get your ILP  joining date, mentioning the credentials for logging into the Aspire portal. The PAT test that you’ll be appearing for, right after joining (2nd or 3rd day), is based on the topics here. Well, it’s as boring as it sounds!! More than studying, what’s most annoying is that you have to submit subject-wise feedback every week, upload your assignments and take quizzes frequently! I bet your reaction will also be 😡       hehe!! 😀

NOTE: ASPIRE login credentials will already be given in the first page of your joining letter! If you haven’t received the ASPIRE mail even after a week of receiving your Joining Letter or can’t access ASPIRE, write an e-mail to, with the subject line as “ASPIRE- Pre-ILP Engagement E-Mail Not Received”. Also mention your Name, CT Reference Number, ILP Joining Date, ILP Location and Contact Number in the body of the e-mail.


Coming to the serious stuff, if you are not from CSE/IT/IS stream, you’ll have to go through the concepts rigorously. Trust me, it’ll be your advantage! This little homework for a few months will help you grasp a lot more than people who don’t take Aspire seriously!


The stuff you’ll find in Aspire are:

1 ) Know your TCS

2 ) Basics of Programming

3 ) Web Technology (they’ll give PHP, but study JavaScript, Servlet Programming, JDBC and JSP first)

4 ) Communication

5 ) Unix

6 ) Database Concepts ( and SQL)

7 ) JAVA Basics

8 ) Software Engineering


If you are serious about joining TCS, open your books to get a hold of the aforementioned subjects or better, join some JAVA/ DOT NET/C++ course or tuitions and you’ll be ready for ILP in no time! cool

You’ll be provided with all the materials…more than you can study 🙄 so don’t worry about them! Just make sure you maintain your record by checking into Aspire regularly, submitting feedback, assignments and taking the quizzes! 🙂

You can also visit and study from TCS’ own learning site at:

Your best friend for learning Web Technology:

Or you’ll get a mail from Aspire, stating that your performance is not up to the standard! 😯





Please download all three documents and see which one suits your requirement, as quizzes can be different!

ASPIRE QUIZZES WITH ANSWERS 2011 (Click to Download!)

ASPIRE QUIZZES AND ANSWERS 2012 (Click to Download!)




  • Fundamentals of Database Management Systems- 3rd Edition (Elmasri-Navathe). Download the book!

UNIX: (The materials given are also useful if you get UNIX stream in ILP) :

  • UNIX ASSIGNMENT (latest assignment is in Aspire quizzes and answers 2012 document above!)
  • Teach Yourself Shell Programming for UNIX in 24 Hours– Download the book! (REQUIRED FOR ILP UNIX STREAM )




  • Learn JSP and Servlets- Download Head First Servlets and JSP (Great for Beginners, especially if you get JAVA stream in ILP. Even better if you can buy the book or get it from a library!)



You just need a basic understanding of the different software life cycles and their steps  to know how projects work! You don’t have to cram and learn everything by heart!



  • JDK- Download it! (Please choose the JDK according to your Operating System. This is required for compiling and running JAVA code.)
  • Eclipse IDE- Download! (You can write and run JAVA programs as well as develop a JAVA-based web application 😉 )
  • Apache Tomcat 7- Download! (Server for deploying the web application)
  • Oracle 10g Express Edition Database- Download from Oracle! (you need to sign up first to download it!)

Please let me know if I missed anything and mention if any link isn’t working! 😯


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34 thoughts on “ILP ASPIRE!

  1. hey m really confused dat wen aspire is held??we hav 2 giv test before joining for ILP or after we join there?please do reply

    • You’ll have your PAT test on the 2nd or 3rd day of your ILP! 🙂 Aspire is the portal which will help you or at least supposed to help you with the subjects that you need to study! And the test will be based on the subjects in Aspire! You’ll get the Aspire mail a short while before you get your joining date. If you don’t get the mail a week after receiving the joining date e-mail, write to with your CT no. and Date of Joining. Read the ASPIRE post carefully and most of your doubts will be cleared! 😀

  2. hey for aspire…we should know all that stuff that u listed above?
    like i have the knowledge of database only…i did certifications also..i have zero knowlegde of programming language…so for ilp what to do? please suggest !!

    • Yes, the things that I have listed above are exactly mentioned in Aspire! As for the programming language, you have done C, haven’t you?? In that case, I suggest that you start taking JAVA or C++ tuition from a good tutor at first. Get the books and do some self-study. Get your fundamentals right! Then you can proceed with the rest of the subjects! 🙂 Did you get your Joining date?

  3. Joining Date…nope..not yet…i got placed in Sept(2011)…probability of joining letter will be on oct may be 🙂
    bt sumbody told me that if i have done oracle certifications….then tcs will definitely place me in “database”…
    as my frnd get clear his interview only on the bases of “oracle certification”…so what that mean??
    or u r saying that only for ILP Aspire we have to do these concepts clear??
    or for getting project we have to “learn” these languages?
    Help me out m very confused :/

    • See, you can show your certification during your interview but for your ILP, you’ll get IT stream or ITIS stream. In IT stream, you can get JAVA stream, UNIX/C++, Mainframe, Dot Net or BIPM. If your joining letter has the name “JL_TECH”, you’ll know that you have IT stream. After you join ILP, you’ll know what further stream (JAVA, UNIX etc) you have got. In any case, you’ll need Database knowledge, web technology and any programming language (JAVA preferred). You will also get your ASPIRE mail before you get your joining date which will have all the topics that I’ve mentioned. So, during this time, take some JAVA training and probably get an SCJP certification too, if you can! 🙂

    • nd hey the assignments that u have linked up above…are all these assignments get same during ILP ?? i mean can they be different or it will be same for everyone??

      • The assignment links are all from Aspire..I hope they are all similar! They might change some stuff here and there. But overall, it will be similar. ASPIRE is for your PRE-ILP preparation. So that you don’t face problems learning in ILP!

  4. java is imp to learn…i mean c++ is not sufficient 😛
    I tried once to learn java…bt didnt understand its concepts yaar 😦
    c++ is sumhw bettr to learn…

  5. hey!!:)
    your blog is really quite informative…
    are we allowed to carry laptops to our ilp office?
    can i manage during ilp without a laptop(for presentations,projects,etc.)?

    • You can keep your laptop in your hostel. You are NOT allowed to take a laptop, pen drive, CD, hard disk or a camera to office. You have to do your work in the office and keep it in the server. If you want to do some work in your hostel or, you can also save your work in the mail drafts!

  6. Hi,
    I know C++ not much but basic and more of it.
    Is it necessary to learn Java. Does it give me any advantage in ILP. Please clarify

    • C++ and JAVA are both Object Oriented languages. If you know one, it’s easy to learn the other. Start learning any one properly. Learning any one will give you an advantage in ILP.

  7. hey, i hd selected all 3 options lyk IT,ITIS,IS in my application form so cn u tell me wt domain i ll get n wt all comes under each domain..
    thank u:)

    • IT is the core technical and has streams like JAVA, .NET, UNIX/C++, Mainframe etc. ITIS is infrastructure and not so technical like IT. There’s also EIS. You’ll get the detailed information if you check out!

  8. Hey thx for all the uploads, i have given guwahati as my ilp on 26th Dec.I have no clue of that place.So do u have any idea how the ilp in guwahati functions and whether what kind of accomdation we are given der..??

    • I know one person who recently completed his ILP from Guwahati. He said it was good. And they’ll provide accommodation, I think. Otherwise they would have stated this is in a mail after your joining mail.

  9. hey….igot my joining at trivendrum…n i have no clue…m nt tat gud at programmin…it gonna affect badly????….n ya do they kick o8????

    • no they won’t kick you out. Just prepare yourself now. Though they teach you from basics, you’ll not face any difficulty. I’ve been with people who didn’t know the ‘P’ of programming and they completed ILP with flying colours, though they went through a lot of hardships.

  10. Is laptop is very essential during ilp, for preparing for tests, assignments etc.
    Do I need to take my books with me (of java,web technology etc.)
    Is there any library facility there
    Pls provide the answer with respect to TCS gandhinagar

  11. Dude I am in batch 2 for ILP training program ..So we have different set of courses like Business Skills- The Essentials, Introduction to Computer Systems , Problem Solving technique , Basics of Programming , RDBMS …Can u post sample questions on these courses in ur site ..Thx u!!

    • We didn’t get samples either. They will provide everything. If in doubt, always ask your leads. They will provide you with samples and solutions.

  12. I have heard that the projects assigned after ilp will not be related to what is taught during ilp, is it true? If so then how can it be tackled?Pls do reply.

    • not at all…see, you might get projects related to what you learned in ILP, but you may also get the opportunity to learn something new. Getting a project means dealing with real life situations.

  13. When pre ilp assignments will be given on subjects like sql,unix,dbms of which the non IT students will have no knowledge, hw can it be completed in time , will there be any guidance regarding those?

  14. hey zim can you tell me in which month you got your joining letter !!! TCS gave me tentative date oct/nov. i would really like to know when they dispatch joining letters for second quarter batch !! 🙂

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