Okay, so till today, I’ve only searched Google for similar blogs, looking for more TCSers from the past, who have shared their valuable experiences and tips, thus compelling me to admit that each of these blogs narrated a new story! So, you should never stop Googling!! 😀

I’ve waited for my joining date for about 8 months 😐 It was about time that I was about to explode with impatience when I got a mail stating “26th December @ Trivandrum”, on my birthday! On top of that, my joining is right after Christmas! How cool is that? 😀

That’s not the end of it!! I had to wait for another 3 months before the date of joining! These 3 months were spent in completing the mountains of documentation and paperwork over and over again…as TCS kept changing the format!

So what did I do next? Did a lot of research on Kerala!! These 3 months won’t exactly be a vacation but it will be one like that anyway! 😀 I kept looking for hotels, called them up one after another and all of them were booked! So it was decided that whatever is meant to happen, will happen! Dad will think of something! 😀

Did I study?? Don’t ask!! Immediately after the joining mail, I received a mail from ILP Aspire with a tub-load of materials, quizzes and assignments. Don’t worry! They’re all available on the Internet! Thanks to all my ILP batch mates on Facebook for creating a superb group, reminding us about the Aspire deadlines and posting the answers! 😀

In the last few days, I didn’t feel like studying at all! Just wanted some good homely food that I’ll be missing in Kerala and good wishes from my relatives. I am kinda sad that I had to bid goodbye to my beloved home 😥 but everyone’s got to make some kind of choice in life 😀

So, no matter where you get your ILP, be fully prepared for a lot of thrill and excitement! 😎

NOTE: I’m a smiley freak, so expect some smileys everywhere! 😛


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