It’s 23rd December!! This being my first time on a plane, I was really excited about the trip. On the downside, the flight had a very odd timing at 5:55 in the morning! It was very cold in Kolkata. That totally sucks!! 😡 I wanted to get a nice nap in the plane but couldn’t coz there were too many brats screeching and complaining!! On the other hand, I got a window seat just beside the wing! It was a wonderful experience to stare outside the window and see the plane slowly gain momentum and then swishhhhhhh….that was wonderful! It left me dizzy for several minutes!

We flew above the clouds. Masses of thick waves of cottony clouds and a thin blue border far away!! The plane halted at Bangalore for about an hour! More than the usual break because of the fog! When the plane left Bangalore, the sight was awesome! Whatever was below, looked like Google Maps 😛

I really dozed off now when dad woke me up and asked me to see below! Stretches of greenery! Only coconut trees! I know that Kerala is famous for coconut trees, but SOOOOO MANY? The land was just thick with coconut trees! The coconut trees reminded me of Bengal 😥 It was a furnace! Just too hot compared to the chill in Kolkata last night!

The cab drivers know good English here!! Okay, I know that Kerala is a very educated state! So, we checked into Hotel BG Plaza near Trivandrum Central railway station at about 12 pm. We got a hotel easily as a friend’s dad fixed it for us! We were lucky that dad and I got a room to sit at least 😀 There were more TCS trainees staying at the facility but they were only 2 weeks away from completion of ILP! Wow!! And we’re just about to start! 😛

The first thing I did was sleep for 6 hours! Didn’t eat! Didn’t take a bath! Only wanted a long, satisfying sleep! My dad went hunting for tea and to his surprise, found a Bengali person working here! Now, that’s something good to find someone from your own place! Dad and I had good tea 😀 I just love tea! The TV service was good but there were so many channels with Malayalee stuff coming over and over again…we finally decided to watch Discovery channel 😀

We found a good, cheap and clean restaurant called Al Mafaz and I had veg fried rice and gobi manchurian! 😀 I don’t know if that was made out of coconut oil, but I didn’t get the smell anyway! 😀

Now I am here writing this blog..LOL! 😛 I’ve decided to check into the hostel the next evening so I can spend some more time with dad! 😀 Whatever it is, this ILP is definitely gonna be fun!! 😛


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