This is my third day in TCS! 😀 It is really a dream to think that we are no more in college but in a top-class organization! 😀 It’s difficult to break out of that shell, but with a little time and grooming, we’ll realize  that some things need to be changed!! Our leads keep reminding us that we are no more in college but the commotion that goes on actually makes the training center no less than a college!! 😀 But it’s serious stuff!!

My shift was from 2pm to 9pm! I realized that the timings are actually better than it seems!! You’ll never get to know how time flies away! After you’re done, you can always have dinner, chat a little, do a bit of work and go to bed! 😀

So, at first we had our Biz. Skills Class!! I hope you all know what that is!! There were pieces of paper with a value written on each of them! You have to pick up one which is of utmost importance to you and then get a partner for yourself! Get to know each other in 5 minutes and why the other person has chosen that particular value!!  The interesting part is that you have to describe yourself with an adjective starting with your name’s first alphabet! 😀 Both of you will be asked to introduce each other! I had chosen “Forgiveness” 😀

After that, we had our first technical intro class and a presentation on Project Delivery. This is where you’ll get to know what modules you’ll have to learn and implement! 🙂 Remember, the evaluation and review will be totally based on your monitoring, performance, teamwork, etiquette etc. Make sure you live up to TCS’s values! So if you are from CSE/IT stream and your pair is a non-CSE, neglecting his/her understanding of fundamental concepts or performance will cost you your ILP rating!! Teamwork, individual work and sharing! You gotta do em all the right way! 😛

We had another Biz. skills session in which we were taught about the right attitude, the importance of dressing well, our true potential and a lot more!! Later, we were shown a presentation on what TCS’s CEO, N. Chandrasekaran expects from trainees! We were divided in to 8 groups and we had to choose one of those eight expectations and make a poster! 😀 Creative, eh?? You can always Google! 😛

It was finally 7:15!! This was our last slot!! All our labs are named after spices! So, this time it was Cardamom! 😀 We were shown how to set an ideal password for Ultimatix and email creation! 😀

That’s it for today!! I’m happy that I’m with my friends in TCS!! 😀




NOTE- All the information shared here are personal experiences! It is just a way to mentally prepare my future ILP friends and not to share confidential organizational information!


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