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I’ve decided to write this post so that even though you know that you should wear formals from Monday to Thursday and Business casuals on Fridays, you are able to dress professionally and shop professionally before ILP! πŸ˜€



1) SHIRTS–Light colored, full-sleeved shirts are preferable though you can also wear dark colors! It’s better to go for more light ones and few dark ones!

2) TROUSERS–Whatever you buy, do not buy brown trousers or brown of anything!! It’s considered informal!

3) TIES–You have to wear them only on Wednesdays and during presentations. Choose a tie that goes well with the color of your shirt! The tie knot should be proper and the length of the tie should be just on your buckle!!

4)Β SHOES— Choose jet-black, polished shoes. Do not wear brown shoes!!

5) SOCKS–Again, choose black socks or navy blue socks!! White socks or any other color is considered informal!



1) The perfect combination is a light-colored shirt, dark-colored (preferably black) trousers and a tie that complements the color of your shirt!

2) Wear full-sleeved shirts!! Do not roll the cuffs!!Β 

3) Make sure you wear a proper tie of a Β proper color and make sure you get the length and the knot right!

4) Wear black socks and black shoes.

5) On Fridays, you can wear business casuals like Jeans and T-shirts, but make sure you tuck your t-shirt inside! You can wear sports shoes too! Do not wear floaters/ sandals or any other shoes other than sports shoes or boots.

6) Shave even the slightest beard you get!! If you are sporting aΒ mustache, keep it in proper shape!

7) Use a mild cologne.




Ahem!! Girls do not have so many rules! Thank God! :mrgreen: Just keep a few things in mind!

1) Nylon leggings are not allowed. Wear them only if the people there follow no such rules. A better alternative is to wear cotton leggings instead of the nylon ones! πŸ˜€

2) Wear any kurti or salwar you like as long as it is not flashy, heavily embroidered, too tight or ill-fitting. You can wear normal shoes or sandals with these. Also avoid heavy and expensive jewelry!!

3) Formal trousers, shoes and socks hold the same for you guys! As for the shirts, you have no such big rules! πŸ™‚ Just make sure they are formal wear! You have to wear toe-covered shoes with formals.

4) On Fridays, you can wear Jeans too! If you want to wear a t-shirt, make sure you wear a collared t-shirt or top! Sports shoes are also allowed for you guys!

5) Many women do this, but do not use heavy make-up!! It’s a part of grooming that if you use make-up, you have to make it last the entire day! Use anything as long as it isn’t too loud and looks professional.

6) Flaunt all the funky nail colors you want during ILP, but remove them before a presentation. Your total grooming is evaluated at this time. Make it a habit to use normal nail colors like sober shades of red, brown and pink!

7) Apply a deo on any of your pulse points!!

Keep yourself well-groomed at all times. Of course, that’s something women are good at! πŸ˜‰




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So, it’s been a month already!! πŸ˜€ I can’t believe that!! A month ago, I was whining about ILP and now I’m almost halfway done!! Totally cool! πŸ˜€ This one month had been very eventful!

We went to new places every weekend, like we watched Don 2 (actually that’s coz we thought they were still showing Sherlock Holmes but the thing got changed to a Malayalee comedy :|), went to Kanyakumari, then the famous Thejaswini building food court on the 7th floor, enjoyed the backwaters of Poovar and Alleppey. They’re just awesome experiences !! We totally took advantage of the weekends since the weekdays were full of assignments and diagnostics! πŸ˜₯

A little bit of serious info! πŸ™‚ Take Aspire seriously!! This one month of Core Skills will be pretty fast and you’ll have to take a test a week after you learn JAVA or a presentation after you learn HTML/CSS. This diagnostic can be on the system or on a pen and paper. Sometimes the Stream Owner can also conduct a viva or a written test. Such things will decide if you need Remedial i.e. extra help, extra time and extra assignments. So, have fun and take things seriously at the same time! πŸ˜€ Again, do not be late for classes. That’s a habit you should implement as soon as possible or maintain it. Try to be there at least 5 minutes earlier! Some leads are strict when it comes to timings!

As for the people who’ll get Mainframe, you guys are in for some real challenge!! The guys here take classes Β evenΒ on weekends!! 😯

So after a month, we’re done with Core Skills and have entered the Project Delivery phase! Cool! 😎 but very hectic!! πŸ˜₯ I’ve even heard we’re gonna be busier when the coding starts!! πŸ˜• We have our ILP project groups/teams now πŸ˜€ and every group has a Group Leader (GL) who is responsible for EVERYTHING!! That’s right! πŸ™‚ So before you take up the responsibility of being the GL, evaluate yourself!!

I hope all of you know about domains in TCS. That’s the field based on which you’ll be developing your projects in the base branch. The common domains are Banking and Financial Services (BFS), Energy, Resources and Utilities (ERU), telecom, media, MIS, healthcare, travel, retail etc. I got ERU! πŸ˜€

Oh yes!! We got our first salary too!! πŸ˜€ That’s not something that can be disclosed, I guess! πŸ˜› I feel so….totally happy now!! First salary!! Yay! πŸ˜€

Now I know everyone in my batch!! I think our’s is one cool batch! New friends, new ideas and the same ways of having fun! πŸ˜€

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