Even though all my posts have covered every FAQ a new ILP Trainee might ask, I’ve decided to make a post out of it, so that anyone can access this easily! If I have missed any FAQ, feel free to comment and ask a question. :P


1. Do I reallyyyyy need to study for PAT?

Ans: Nopes. Not really. All facts about PAT aren’t true. It’s just a formality. Your stream allocation and posting depends on the availability and requirements. Chill!! You’re in ILP to learn those stuff!


2. What about Aspire?

Ans: Aspire seems boring as you have to fill in feedback and take quizzes but it is recommended that you study the topics in Aspire thoroughly Or take tuitions and courses to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. You’re in ILP for learning but this will be faster than most of you can handle! (Esp. non-CS, non-IT) If you know one language, you’ll easily learn the others here.


3. Is it true that girls get their first preference of location?

Ans: No, TCS expects you to be flexible. You might get your posting anywhere! If you’re lucky, you’ll get your first preference.


4.  How do I get my ILP rating?

Ans: The rating scale is from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Maximum people get 3. People with extraordinarily outstanding performance (no exaggeration :P ) get 5. This is rare. Your ILP rating is shared with you on the second last or last day of ILP. The rating is based on your technical performance, team skills, communication skills etc.  Only whole numbers are there, so you might not be in a position to argue with a person who’s less competent than you and has  a rating of 3.  Pro-activeness, consistent good performance, usage of extra functionality, extra effort, good team handling increases your chances of getting a 4. In the end, it all depends on your leads. Never feel bad if you deserved a 4 and got 3. That is not the end of it! When you get a project, you’ll again be rated. This time, you’ll have decimals.


5. What is ‘Remedial’ and what if I’m in it?

Ans: Remedial package is for those people who are identified as weak performers or need extra help. It is conducted for every new thing that you learn. Stream owners often conduct vivas and written tests to identify them. You’ll have to come early, solve assignments, go through vivas and take tests. Believe me, I’ve heard my batch mates in Remedial say that they’ve actually learned something there!! It’s just ‘learning through pressure’. Remedial isn’t something bad. You just have to cope up with it!


6. What is LAAP?

Ans: Okay, I don’t really remember the full form of this but this is something really bad! :( People are put into LAAP when they can’t clear Remedials on the 55th day and stream owner reviews/ exit interviews before the release. It is an additional 15 days effort that you have to give in to prove that you are ready to be deployed for a project. Otherwise, you have to see the HR! :|


7. On what basis is my performance evaluated?

Ans: Your performance is evaluated on a day to day basis. This means, you’ll be continuously monitored by your tech lead and biz. skill lead to see if you are following TCS values, dress code, able to grasp what is being taught, active in answering (or at least trying) to answer questions, asking questions, having consistent performance in diagnostics, using innovative ideas or extra functionality in assignments/project, helping your team members or pair with their work (team skills) etc.


8. What after ILP?

Ans: It is totally dependent on your base branch whether you will get projects ASAP or will have to wait for months. If the idea of sitting idle bothers you (commonly known as Bench), it’s wise to know which places are getting the most number of projects by visiting the TCS site, asking trainees who’ve already joined/completed ILP and then fill up your location preference. It is highly likely that you will get that location as the demands are high.


9. What if I HAVE TO sit idle after going to the base branch?

Ans: If your base branch has no projects, it’s natural to get disappointed. But, that’s the truth. Instead of lamenting and wasting time, revise what you have studied during ILP, put them into use, learn new Frameworks like Struts 2, AJAX, Hibernate, JPA etc :) By the time you get a project, you’ll be proficient in multiple technologies! :D


10. What type of Projects will be there and how will I get allocated?

Ans: You will be allocated to projects after you report to your base branch (where you’ll be posted) after completing your ILP. You will get projects according to your ISU or domain (ie. Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance etc.). You will get to know your ISU during your ILP. Availability of projects depend on where you’re posted and the requirements. There might be a few months bench period where you’ll be sitting idle (with salary) but that again depends on the projects in your ISU. 4-pointers or toppers in ILP get allocated first, then the rest! You also have to appear for interviews to get selected, in some cases!


11. I’m interested in Development so will I get Development Projects?

Ans: TCS is a support-based company, which means that you’ll be working in the Maintenance or Change Request (CR) phase of the project most of the time. As freshers, you cannot expect to get into development. You’ll get a development project if you’re lucky! There’s no need to get disappointed as your salary increment and rating will be decided by your performance and not the type of project you work in!


12.  Shall I say “Yes” to a project in Dot Net  if I am from JAVA stream?

Ans: Do not expect to get JAVA projects just coz you had JAVA Stream in ILP. It might be the case that your base branch gets projects in other technologies. If you get a Mainframe/Dot Net/Unix  project, you’ll be expected to learn it in a few weeks and get prepared. Never refuse a project, especially if you have just completed ILP. Every project is equally good and will contribute to your experience.


13. What should be my expectations as a fresher in TCS?

Ans: There are many answers to this question. Ask yourself: Is software your passion and you want to be in TCS and learn things for a few years…..OR…..you’re aspiring for higher studies and TCS is just a stepping stone for you! As a fresher, you have to be flexible and keep your expectations low. Remember that you have to gain some experience!




30 thoughts on “FAQ FOR NEW ILP TRAINEES!

  1. hi m having sun java certification(scjp6)..many of my seniors told me that it vll help me to get java stream in tcs…i just wanna know that if ill b having java stream vll they give me joining after ILP to d place where java programmes are in abundance or they consider my first choice(as most of my seniors have gt their first preference as their base branch after ILP)…my trng is in trivendram…i want delhi after ILP what are my chances of getting it if ill show them certificate n if i wont show any certificate???

    • Yes, if you have a certification, you will be given that stream. At the end of the 1st day, they’ll ask if you have any certification. Just show your certificate then. If they don’t ask, you can also talk to them. But as far as my ILP in Trivandrum was concerned, they’ve asked if you have a certification. So, you can count on it. And I guess if your 1st preference is Delhi, you’ll get that, as most of my batch mates got it. Again, it also depends on where JAVA trainees are needed most 🙂

  2. hi just wanted to ask a couple of question as i hav got different ans from different people
    “Is the bench period counted as job experience ? ”
    i want to go for MBA for my higher studies and experience matters, which is why such a qn
    “As a fresher, should one go for testing projects or internal projects? will it put one is back seat in future to get development projects?”

    • No period is considered as job experience if you did nothing during that time!! What will you tell in your MBA admission interview if they ask you what kind of job experience you had in these two years? And development projects are obviously good but if you want to go for MBA, any kind of project is good..It’s all about doing some work and being good at it!! TCS is a role based company. It is a myth that doing Testing projects won’t give you a chance to work in a development project. Also, it is true that TCS works with maximum Maintenance (Change Requests) and Support projects and a few development projects!

  3. thanks a lot for the info 🙂
    it wud be helpful for the freshers if u wud throw some light on the details of different streams to which will be assigned post ILP and their scope ..thanks in advance 🙂

    • During your ILP, you’ll come to know which ISU (Industry Solutions Unit) you’ll be working in. After completing ILP, you’ll report to the respective ISU’s Resource Management Group (RMG) in your base branch. He/she will allocate you to projects and you might have to face interviews with the Project Manager or a team member of that project before you are accepted. Allocation of projects take a lot of time (even months) in certain places, which is known as the “bench” period. The ISUs are Banking and Financial Services (BFS), Telecom, Government, MIS, Hi-Tech, Life Sciences, Insurance, etc. Note that allocation of ISU is random. Maximum people are allocated to BFS1/BFS2/BFS3 according to different banks. As far as I know, MIS has the least scope and not many projects at all! To know more about different ISU, please visit http://www.tcs.com and then look under the “Industries” menu on top! 🙂

    • No problem dear! Initial diagnostics is just to check your level before the training even starts! You’ll improve gradually throughout the training process! 🙂

  4. on what basis we are give the final rating..?? Between technical and bizz skills which is one is given more priority or both go 50 -50..?? and i also want to know after ilp how the projects are assigned..??.

    • there are certain points on which you will be marked! Diagnostics, presentations, team skills, openness, etc. will decide your rating! During ILP, you’ll come to know which domain you’ll be working in after ILP (Telecom, Banking, Insurance etc.). After ILP, you’ll report to your Resource Manager (RMG) who’ll allocate projects to you. To get into projects, you need to clear additional interviews!

    • I know people who’ve been on bench for more than a year! Don’t worry. Give your best and you’ll get a project. If requirements are not available, then that’s not your fault and they can’t fire you!

  5. Hey zim…in d medical certificate they hv askd “whether u can distinguish btween red and green”,though i can distinguish but at times i find it confusing…what should i right there??

  6. yesterday i received my joining letter,march 18 tirvandrum..i am having some doubts! i hope you can clarify my doubts..

    1. i am a mechanical engineering student.i don’t know anything about programming.so i need to know that ;whether i have learn programming before entering in to the ilp?

    2. as i am a mechanical engg. student whether they will allocate me in mechanical related projects?

    3.is there a domain(for mechanical engg) is available?

    4. if it is means,what kind of stuffs they will expect?

    5.i like to know about the accommodation fees,tcs charging during our ilp in tirvandrum?

    • 1) By now, I hope that you received your Aspire credentials. Follow Aspire sincerely and get tuition and courses if possible.
      2) It’s not mandatory that they’ll allocate you to mechanical related projects. You’ll have to talk to the RMG and hunt them by yourself.
      3) Accommodation charges will be deducted from your HRA. It’s somewhere around 3k per month.

  7. My joining is on 27th march…can you plz help me with girl’s attire in trivendrum…I am too confused about it…like some saying simple salwar suit is ok..some saying chudidar is allowed some saying chudidar is not allowed..can you guide me through this???

  8. one more doubt…:D :D…..what will b the attire guideline for fridays???
    as tcs guideline said simple t-shirt wid jeanses are allowed for girls in Friday….one of my friend said that round neck t-shirts are not allowed in trivendrum only v neck tshirts are allowed..is it true???
    plz help…:) 🙂

  9. The blog is very useful for freshers like me…good job sir..i am a btech cse student and i got placed in TCS this september…currently i am in my 8th semester….i have done a diploma in JAVA course from NIIT ….should i do a SUN certification also???..is certification a deciding factor during ILP??….

    • I think you should go for the SUN certification also. If you want to work with JAVA, this certificate is your key to getting JAVA stream in ILP 😀

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