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Recently, I’ve started taking the CAT preparation too seriously. I got so worked up that my BP fell! 😛  In 2012, I just took the exam for pleasure (without any preparation! and don’t ask the percentile please! 😥 ) knowing that I’ll only do MBA after I have my 2 years of industry experience. As my 2 years come closer, I realized that it is never too late to start preparing for higher studies entrance exams!

Frankly, Maths has never been my strong point! Even though I’m an engineer and have scored well in my maths exams back then, I still feel that I don’t have what it takes to be strong with numbers *turns away in shame* . I really wanted to join a coaching class ASAP when my friend advised that I should never think of CAT coaching classes unless I get my basics right. I know you get concepts in books but lazy ‘me’  hardly ever liked Math books! >.< I was really worried about this. I wanted someone patient; who would teach me right from the scratch, tell me where the formulas came from, how to approach a problem and most of all, help me work smart than work hard!

My prayers were answered when one night at 3:00 am, I was looking for some online verbal quizzes. I came across this site called On the right side, I found various online classes and that included a course called “Comprehensive Online Coaching for CAT and other MBA exams by Ravi Handa”. It caught my eye and I decided to explore it. I knew there were CAT classes online but I was always skeptical about online classes as we are accustomed to classrooms from our birth! 😛 I’ve heard a lot about Handa Sir, about his reputation, his posts on various MBA sites and his years of experience in teaching Quantitative in IMS and various coaching centers. That gave me the confidence to enroll in this course and the inspiration to start preparing. All this, at the comfort of my home and at a reasonable deal of Rs. 2999. When CAT has gone online, it’s perfectly okay to take coaching online! 😀

The courseware is extensive as it has about 150 videos and counting, covering each topic from scratch to advanced. When I sit with a pen and copy and watch the video and listen carefully, I feel like I’m in the classroom. I seem to absorb better when somebody teaches me rather than opening a book and mugging up concepts. It helped me remember better. The next surprise is that… this is not all. There are two live sessions every week for 8 months. These are mostly concept and doubt clearing sessions where you can present your problems and watch Handa Sir come out with  miraculous solutions to things you thought were very tough. The live sessions are interactive as you can chat and interact with the teacher and the rest of the crew! 😀 Moreover, you can use the course feed as a forum and discuss doubts there. Handa Sir is very helpful and we can ask for his help at any time or mail him our doubts.

The advantages of taking this course are–

1) Saves your time! No need to travel! Take classes even if you are camping  in the Amazon rain forest!

2) More than 150 videos+60 Live classes covering Quant, LR & DI

3) Download various E-books containing articles on CAT 2013 exam

4) Suitable for other MBA entrance exams also like CMAT,SNAP, XAT,IIFT

5) From author of bestselling “Bizworld” – the course is more up to date

6) Course instructed by IIT Kharagpur alumni & TIME/ IMS faculty


You can go through the course outline in here.


So far, I’m loving it! 😀 If you are still in doubt as to how online coaching will be, I vouch that this will absolutely be great. But never forget that “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” 😀







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