It’s been 4 months since I have been active on my blog. I have been so anxious about getting another project after I got released from the last one and then there’s laziness.

I would sleep around all day or report to my RMG sometimes hoping I’ll get something or the other. It can be pretty tragic  for a person to get another project if you haven’t completed 2 years and dangling there like a pointer. I went through some JQuery and Struts training sessions and I’ve learned a lot there..though I hardly remember anything now…lol.

Then I went home for 2 weeks. After I came back, I was disappointed to know that all my other JQuery peers got into some project or the other. Fortunately, I had another friend left out to give me company 😀

During this time, I went to my sister’s place. One fine day, I got an interview call and I got selected. But, this was just the beginning. I cleared two other interviews with clients and finally got selected 😀 \m/

Also, it has been great to answer  queries in the past year! Lately, I’ve been getting questions of the same kind.  Always read through the articles and comments before asking a question. I’m sure almost all answers are hidden there! 😀 Take your time and you’ll get to know a lot more than you intend to 🙂

As I’m getting older *coughs*, my blog is also getting old. I request the new TCS aspirants to share as much as updated information as possible. That includes ASPIRE materials, changes in Joining Letter and requirements, ILP gossip, PAT patterns, subjects in ILP, diagnostics, accommodation, bench life, projects and anything new that you got to know. It will be really helpful for the generations to come! 😉 

Please leave your comments, experiences, suggestions and rectifications. Your contribution is very essential for running this blog! 😀

Never give up or feel undermined! The best is always to come! 😀




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