Just another person who’s willing to extend her experiences, thoughts and ideas to all of you out there!! 😛

I believe in focusing on the life during ILP, not stressing yourself out before that! I have included pre-ILP stuff too, though my intention is to show you the life during and after ILP! 😀

No doubt or suggestion is dumb or stupid! If you think something else needs to be added/ corrected or some other topics be discussed, feel free to write a comment and I’ll get on it!

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25 thoughts on “About

  1. nice blog zim! Smileys everywhere, made me smile too 🙂 loved the design too, 🙂 glad to know pat doesnt determine anything, i wish i get as lucky as u getting my base branch not where i actually live! my ilp starts at 29th march in hyderabad, see u someday in tcs 🙂 take care n keep smiling!

  2. really enjoyed reading ur blog…it gave me a lot of confidence…have a question for u…i got my ilp centre as trivandarum where as my first preference was kolkata…where will i get joining after ilp???…thanx in advance…:)

    • None of your preferences have any connection with where you’ll have your ILP! 🙂 Your preference is taken to decide where you’ll report to, after completing your ILP! My first preference was also Kolkata but no one of JAVA/ UNIX stream got Kolkata as their preference. You might get any one of your preference depending on where there are projects or where resources are needed. That means, you may have any one of the 3 locations or something different! 🙂 You should have yourself mentally prepared for that! Good Luck! 😀

      • thanks a lot for ur reply…getting geared up for the trainining at trivandarum…lets c if i get the joining at kolkata…thanks once again 🙂

  3. Hey are we allocated the projects ryt during the training or after the training gets completed and on what basis is the allocation done???

    • You will be allocated to projects after you report to your base branch (where you’ll be posted) after completing your ILP. You will get projects according to your ISU or domain (ie. Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance etc.). You will get to know your ISU during your ILP. Availability of projects depend on where you’re posted and the requirements. There might be a few months bench period where you’ll be sitting idle but that again depends on the projects in your ISU. 4-pointers or toppers in ILP get allocated first, then the rest! 🙂

  4. HI Zim, thank you for sharing with us your experiences in TCS. I am waiting for my joining letter and am a little nervous too regarding how and what will happen once i join. Your blog has seriously helped me to calm myself. I have a question. I would like to know which base branch/office of TCS has the maximum availability of projects round the year? Can you also give me a probable list of the best first 10 branches/offices (project wise) in TCS?

    • Thank you for visiting my blog and I’m glad that it could be of help! 🙂 The most exhaustive base branch is Mumbai. If you want to start working in projects ASAP, Mumbai will be the right choice for you! Many people stay in Bench in offices like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. But, you’ll get projects really quickly in Mumbai!

  5. hi sir, ur blog is really helpfull,sir my joining is on 27 sept at trivendrum 2012, i am from mechanical branch ,sir is there any mechanical related projects??if yes how will i get it??

    • You will get projects according to the ISU (Industry Solutions Unit) you will be in. You’ll get to know this during your ILP. To check out different ISU, please visit http://www.tcs.com and look under the ‘Industries’ tab! There maybe other opportunities for Mechanical, but you’ll have to ask your Resource Management Group (RMG) who you will be reporting to, after your ILP.

  6. A hilarious blog after a long time.. Thanx to Zim and his friends who have completed their honeymoon period(ILP @Kerala) successfully. Its nice to hear so many things about Kerala. After a long time I saw a cool and awesome blog posting about life at TCS that too in ILP that too @Kerala.I enjoyed really by reading all the posts from Zim. Hey Zim keep up blog posting updated and all the best for your future life at TCS in Bangalore(my home city generally called as Garden City or IT hub of Asia). Hey Zim, I too got joining @Trivandrum for ILP on December 10th 2012. So looking forward to it.

    • India isn’t an ISU. It just means that you don’t have any particular domain and can be assigned a project in anything. Usually people getting “India”, get their posting in Mumbai. You’ll get a project, don’t worry! 😀

  7. hi zim,,,in my joining letter they had mentioned,,,’Your ILP location would be the same as your base branch as far as possible’,,, im from bangalore and ilp in chennai.,,., does that mean my base branch is in chennai and have to work there for the next 2 years???

  8. great blog 🙂 I have been selected for TCS EIS and guess the ILP ill be in trivandrum as my seniors had der :):) ~~wink wink~~.Currently am in honeywell as an internee @ bang.I know ITPL, haffun ;)Bangalore is also great 🙂

  9. hi..I am a trainee @tcs and i have a few doubts.. .During ILP we were told about mid anniversary ratings. Its been almost 3 months since my ilp got over and joined a project, so how does this mid anniversary rating take place? do we get mails regarding it or… Also I haven’t been allocated to the project, will it cause any problem during MAV or FAV?

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