Even though all my posts have covered every FAQ a new ILP Trainee might ask, I’ve decided to make a post out of it, so that anyone can access this easily! If I have missed any FAQ, feel free to comment and ask a question. 😛


1. Do I reallyyyyy need to study for PAT?

Ans: Nopes. Not really. All facts about PAT aren’t true. It’s just a formality. Your stream allocation and posting depends on the availability and requirements. Chill!! You’re in ILP to learn those stuff!


2. What about Aspire?

Ans: Aspire seems boring as you have to fill in feedback and take quizzes but it is recommended that you study the topics in Aspire thoroughly Or take tuitions and courses to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge. You’re in ILP for learning but this will be faster than most of you can handle! (Esp. non-CS, non-IT) If you know one language, you’ll easily learn the others here.


3. Is it true that girls get their first preference of location?

Ans: No, TCS expects you to be flexible. You might get your posting anywhere! If you’re lucky, you’ll get your first preference.


4.  How do I get my ILP rating?

Ans: The rating scale is from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Maximum people get 3. People with extraordinarily outstanding performance (no exaggeration 😛 ) get 5. This is rare. Your ILP rating is shared with you on the second last or last day of ILP. The rating is based on your technical performance, team skills, communication skills etc.  Only whole numbers are there, so you might not be in a position to argue with a person who’s less competent than you and has  a rating of 3.  Pro-activeness, consistent good performance, usage of extra functionality, extra effort, good team handling increases your chances of getting a 4. In the end, it all depends on your leads. Never feel bad if you deserved a 4 and got 3. That is not the end of it! When you get a project, you’ll again be rated. This time, you’ll have decimals.


5. What is ‘Remedial’ and what if I’m in it?

Ans: Remedial package is for those people who are identified as weak performers or need extra help. It is conducted for every new thing that you learn. Stream owners often conduct vivas and written tests to identify them. You’ll have to come early, solve assignments, go through vivas and take tests. Believe me, I’ve heard my batch mates in Remedial say that they’ve actually learned something there!! It’s just ‘learning through pressure’. Remedial isn’t something bad. You just have to cope up with it!


6. What is LAAP?

Ans: Okay, I don’t really remember the full form of this but this is something really bad! 😦 People are put into LAAP when they can’t clear Remedials on the 55th day and stream owner reviews/ exit interviews before the release. It is an additional 15 days effort that you have to give in to prove that you are ready to be deployed for a project. Otherwise, you have to see the HR! 😐


7. On what basis is my performance evaluated?

Ans: Your performance is evaluated on a day to day basis. This means, you’ll be continuously monitored by your tech lead and biz. skill lead to see if you are following TCS values, dress code, able to grasp what is being taught, active in answering (or at least trying) to answer questions, asking questions, having consistent performance in diagnostics, using innovative ideas or extra functionality in assignments/project, helping your team members or pair with their work (team skills) etc.


8. What after ILP?

Ans: It is totally dependent on your base branch whether you will get projects ASAP or will have to wait for months. If the idea of sitting idle bothers you (commonly known as Bench), it’s wise to know which places are getting the most number of projects by visiting the TCS site, asking trainees who’ve already joined/completed ILP and then fill up your location preference. It is highly likely that you will get that location as the demands are high.


9. What if I HAVE TO sit idle after going to the base branch?

Ans: If your base branch has no projects, it’s natural to get disappointed. But, that’s the truth. Instead of lamenting and wasting time, revise what you have studied during ILP, put them into use, learn new Frameworks like Struts 2, AJAX, Hibernate, JPA etc 🙂 By the time you get a project, you’ll be proficient in multiple technologies! 😀 If you haven’t done a certification before ILP, you can still do that during this time! 😀


10. What type of Projects will be there and how will I get allocated?

Ans: You will be allocated to projects after you report to your base branch (where you’ll be posted) after completing your ILP. You will get projects according to your ISU or domain (ie. Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance etc.). You will get to know your ISU during your ILP. Availability of projects depend on where you’re posted and the requirements. There might be a few months bench period where you’ll be sitting idle (with salary) but that again depends on the projects in your ISU. 4-pointers or toppers in ILP get allocated first, then the rest! You also have to appear for interviews to get selected, in some cases!


11. I’m interested in Development so will I get Development Projects?

Ans: TCS is a support-based company, which means that you’ll be working in the Maintenance or Change Request (CR) phase of the project most of the time. As freshers, you cannot expect to get into development. You’ll get a development project if you’re lucky! There’s no need to get disappointed as your salary increment and rating will be decided by your performance and not the type of project you work in!


12.  Shall I say “Yes” to a project in UNIX  if I am from JAVA stream?

Ans: Do not expect to get JAVA projects just coz you had JAVA Stream in ILP. It might be the case that your base branch gets projects in other technologies. If you get a Mainframe/Dot Net/Unix  project, you’ll be expected to learn it in a few weeks and get prepared. Never refuse a project, especially if you have just completed ILP. Every project is equally good and will contribute to your experience.


13. What should be my expectations as a fresher in TCS?

Ans: There are many answers to this question. Ask yourself: Is software your passion and you want to be in TCS and learn things for a few years…..OR…..you’re aspiring for higher studies and TCS is just a stepping stone for you! As a fresher, you have to be flexible and keep your expectations low. Remember that you have to gain some experience!


14. Will certifications help and how?

Ans: Of course, it will! Take your choicest programming language and get a certification. Certifications not only help you get the stream of your choice but also help you get into projects easily after ILP.


DOT NET— Many certifications are there from Microsoft. Refer rajmittal.blogspot.in for more details or keep a track of www.dotnetfunda.com .

C++ — Unfortunately, there aren’t many or any available! 😦 But, if you like C++, learn it thoroughly. Since C++ is taught with UNIX, you can also get a UNIX certification. Just do some research on the net.


15. Can I take a leave during ILP?

Ans: Unless you are sick or have a medical/ personal emergency at home that requires your attention, you won’t be allowed to take leaves. One or two days is the max you should take, if taking casual leaves during ILP. You’ll miss classes and sessions and that won’t be good if you are a weak student. If you can manage it in the weekend, then that is fine. Sit with your family and try to plan events and weddings before or after ILP. If you take leaves during ILP, you’ll be placed in another batch to complete your training. That means, extra time. So, think about it!




194 thoughts on “FAQ FOR NEW ILP TRAINEES

    • You will NOT get any holidays for Durga Puja if you don’t have your ILP in Kolkata. You will get regional holidays depending on your ILP location. You aren’t supposed to take leave during ILP except for emergencies at home or medical reasons. If the number of days is more, you’ll have to join another ILP batch to complete the training. In a sentence, don’t miss out a day of ILP!

    • Anywhere you get, projects are divided into development projects, support, testing or Change Request (CR). CR and support come maximum and the chances of development are least. You might have to clear interviews or get additional trainings to get into projects.

  1. hey zim i read ur blog today….seems quite interesting and solved out much of my queries thanx a ton,,,,. please let me know whether the electrical appliances like hair dryer or straighteners are allowed to be carried to hostel. i just cant do without them so i m feeling sad about it :(……….

    • where is your ILP center? 😀 Only a few accommodations don’t allow electrical appliances. Peepul Park hostel in Trivandrum doesn’t allow. But the other hostels allow. So, you can take them. Wrap them in a thick shawl or something, so that the X-Ray doesn’t pick up the device, if they have a baggage X-Ray, that is! 😛

  2. owww…. so cute of u thanx a dozen tons……..well my centre is in trivandrum……. can u give me a few more details about that hostel if u dont mind…..like i heard we get a single cupboard to share and all stuff…..and is it boring or interesting to be there in trivandrum during ILP…….

    • If you get Peepul Park hostel, you will get your own cupboard and it’s pretty big! 🙂 You’ll also get your own desk, chair and lamp! Only, electronic devices, polythene and food will be a problem. Coz there’s an X-Ray there! If you get executive hostel, that’s the best as there’s no restriction. But, guys also stay there. I don’t know about the other lodges girls are provided! Maybe you might face a problem there. It is very interesting in Trivandrum! Make sure you go sightseeing on weekends! There’s a lot to see! 🙂 Make sure you read my entire blog! I hope it’ll be of help to you!

  3. thanx a lot zim……u hv relieved me a lot 😀
    yea i do keep readin ur blog. enjoy readin it much!! and of course it is helpful. stay blessed.

  4. I have entered lucknow and mumbai as my third and second preference respectively can i change the preference or any way out by which i can tell them to change lucknow to bangalore…….if i get lucknow then it will b very difficult gettin to delhi again i guess ????

    • There is no way to change your preference once you’ve submitted it!! But, you can talk to your RMG (Resource Management Group) in your posting location after ILP. I think getting Delhi will be difficult because you need a serious medical reason (yours/ parents’) or a valid reason for this. Getting transferred to Bangalore won’t be a problem as far as I know!

  5. hii zim!! i got trivandrum as my ILP location.. I heard that the d top 10 pat scorers will be allowed 2 choose their streams n d rest will be alloted randomly..what if we get some stream other than wt we noe??

    • Really?? :O My PAT test was awesome. I didn’t get to choose ( I didn’t see people choosing it either) nor did I get my preferred choice of location. Stream allocation is done randomly. If you have a certification, you can choose that stream! Maybe they are bringing out new procedures every time. But I’ll still say that no stream is good or bad. The point is to perform well in whatever you get! 🙂

    • Your pay will vary during ILP. Your accommodation charges will be deducted from your HRA. What happened in our case is that, we got 18k in the first month, then 12k the next month coz of accommodation, then 13k the following month. After ILP, your salary will vary a bit but will settle after 20k.

  6. Hi this s Akshay. My ILP begins on 27 Sep. I have to make my own arrangements fr accommodation during ILP. So how much they during ILP?

  7. hey,
    i have gone thru ur blog n its quite useful for freshers.. u r dng a gr8 wrk.. i have got my joining date as oct 11th in chennai but i want to change my location to hyd.. aftr ilp.. ll thy consider if i request thm.. r else can u sugest me a way how i can get transfered..

    • You cannot change your location now. After your joining, you can change your location on medical, marriage or personal emergency grounds. You can try for location change after you report to your base branch. In that case, medical grounds, project in target location through sources or swap with another person are ways out!

  8. ur blog has been very helpful. thank you.
    i wanted to know that is tie compulsary at trivandrum, n wat banks can we choose from for sallary account. i read that we may get accomodations in hotels outside campus does that happen at trivandrum.

    • 1) Ties are compulsory on Wednesdays and during presentations.
      2) You can choose from banks if two banks show up! Otherwise you have to stick to what comes. HDFC bank is the popular one in Trivandrum!
      3) Guys will get accommodation outside the campus. You might expect to stay in hotels too!

  9. hi i am interested in java (ocjp ocwcd certified). if i get in c++/unix stream which i don’t like ..how can i change my stream to java. Should i inform to the rmg before hand???

    • Then it’s good news for you! 😀 Show your certificate to the supervisor when you join ILP and you’ll get JAVA stream! 😀 They usually mention it during the auditorium sessions on the 1st or 2nd day! If they don’t, you can approach them.

    • BIPM is nothing but Business Intelligence. You have to study JAVA, a bit of PHP etc. It’s pretty easy and you might get any kind of project in your base branch.

  10. Hi.. I am Rahul from Chennai. My joining date is on Nov 29, 2012 in chennai. How long is the training program at ILP? I have my sister’s marriage on Feb 22, 2013. Is it possible to ask them 1 day leave in advance? Or will my training get over before that?

    • I think your ILP will get over before that! 🙂 If not, I’m afraid that you won’t get a leave during ILP except for medical emergencies/ personal problems at home that need your attention!

  11. hi………… its really good and very helpful. thanx a lot. My ILP is scheduled from 3rd dec I have query i dont know even a single software language. is it possible for me to pass successfully ILP? How can i solve ASPIRE? is there any material for these to learn? is it possible to learn everything there in ILP?

    • Do not waste time and take some course/ tuition on JAVA and J2EE. You can also ask help from a friend who has a CSE background and knows JAVA. This will help you a lot. Even a month’s time is precious as ILP will be pretty fast and it can be hard to cope up, especially if you are learning something completely new. For reference books, please read my post on HEALTHY DOWNLOADS.

  12. Hi there I am so delighted I found your blog, I really found you by error, while I was researching on Digg for something else, Nonetheless I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a marvelous post and a all round enjoyable blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to go through it all at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to read a lot more, Please do keep up the excellent work.

    • This will be mentioned in your mail. If accommodation isn’t provided, such will be mentioned in the joining mail. This happens when your base branch is same as ILP location. If not, accommodation details will be mailed to you a week before your joining.


    • if you have surety’s IT return, there is nothing else that you need. Make sure that the IT return is of the current/previous year. Get the photocopy attested too.

  14. By when u think all the people will be joining the company because it’s getting really hard for like 50% of the people who are recruited to survive, I myself got placed on 5th of October 2011, few of the people from my college have got their joining, but most of us have not. I m sorry to post this here in this section of your blog but i m seeking a genuine answer for this. Help me zim..

    • I am sorry to hear that 😦 but it’s high time that you start hunting for other companies. TCS has recruited 50% less this time. If you want to join TCS, I’ll say that be patient and don’t waste time. Get certifications, study..but don’t waste time!

  15. which certifications u think i shud do? im a mechanical engg grad, i m not sure which stream i m gonna get once i join tcs, but im really looking forward to join the company because this is the best option that i have in front of me as of now, i think im goin to wait till december, if they show up it would be nice, if they dont i will look for another jobs.. m strangled man..

  16. Sir, I have a gap of one year after completing my diploma… It’s Because of jaundice i had that in the month of June i took treatment for 2 months and doctor advised me to take rest for one more month.. So in that year i m unable to continue my studies… I had a break… I can get a medical certificate for those 3 months Is it Enough?

  17. I want a transfer from Chennai to Hyderabad, as my helath is not good after coming to Chennai,
    Can I get references from Client Partner, and move to Hyderabad. I am not able to concentrate on work here in Chennai. I joined in March 2012 in Chennai. I want a move very badly.

  18. sir,
    my date of joining is on 27th march, if v reach der 1-2 days before can v get accomodation onthe same day or we have to wait upto 27th????

  19. hey, 🙂 i have my joining in trivandrum on 10th dec.. in the executive hostel.. are we allowed to keep a two wheeler in there????

    • I think that is allowed 🙂 I have been to executive hostel only twice so I didn’t really notice that. But, vehicles parking is allowed, I think.

  20. I read ur blog and its really very helpful for freshers like us.kudos.
    I hv some questions nd doubts.
    1) I have done training and project on J2SE nd J2EE from HCL CDC,India and have certificates but dont hv SCJP certification.Can i get stream of my choice(i.e JAVA) showing those certificates ?
    2) I m goin for ilp at TCS,pune on 7 jan 13 also my base branch as stated on jl.Can u review tcs,pune in terms of getting projects,technologies used,bench strength? how long i hv 2 w8 4 projects ?
    3) what are the best streams to choose for which has future prospect?

    • 1) You can provide you certificates. Usually, the safest option is a SCJP certification.
      2) Pune is okay. At least, people there get projects faster than Bangalore.
      3) As in streams, it would be nice if you clarify. JAVA is always the best.

  21. hi, i have my ilp location at guwahati starting on 26 dec 2012, i am really confused about the pat test..because i am from ECE . but i have studied java and C for some time and know some basics too.. what can i do to score well in pat test and have my stream as java because i know java and i am familiar with it. i have no certifications. and how will the pat score affect my post ilp location?
    need a positive reply.

  22. There is Name mistake in my father’s IT Return, So I am Deciding for FD in Bank of India but in this case please inform me who will be my surety and who will fill the surety verification form.

    • FD is done when you can’t find a surety. In this case, surety is not needed. I recommend that you find another surety. Relatives, neighbours etc. That’s better than going for an FD.

    • LAAP is rare. Remedials are most common. I suggest that you prepare yourself and study now to avoid breaking your head during ILP. Ask someone or join a tuition to give you a quick overview of the subjects.

  23. Hi zim, ur blog is too good. I want to know whether in d last 45 days of ilp, we have to submit some kind of project based on our domain or not..!? Or in ilp, it is purely studying, comm skills classes etc.. & if yes, what i have to take care as a non-it student who nvr work on coding etc ??
    and 1 more thing, holi will come in betn my ilp, so if u know wat kind of programs will be organised & wat types of dress (means kurta-pyjama or something, so that v can carry these too to ilp place) we have to wear on holi ?

    • 1. Projects will be provided already. You will be divided in teams and you’ll have to work together 🙂
      2. Non-IT people cope up well in ILP but with lots of hardships. I recommend studying before you join so that you don’t have to break your head then.
      3. You can carry kurta-pyjama with you. We didn’t have a holiday on Holi 😦

    • No. In TCS’s medical form, you have to mention how much distinction can you do. A lot of people with far greater disabilities are in TCS, so don’t worry 🙂

    • (Property Deeds) comprise the individual lot deeds and the deeds to common property which give a legal description of the property. In other words, the legal proof of your property.

  24. hey zim..read ur blog today…well what i need is a genuine advice…m from mechanical stream and working in a core industry..joining date 4 tcs is 14th feb chennai
    1) will my stream evr b a prblm 4 me in TCS
    2) i`v dcided to quit dis job and join TCS..a big decision u know , no time left 4 some certifications ..m nt able 2 follow aspire as well..will dat b a prblm,,
    3) I hv applied 4 change in my ILP location from chennai to pune..giving some very strong and genuine reasons..will they entertain dis issue..??

    pls help.!!

    • Since you are a Mechanical guy, think many times before you decide to enter the IT industry! You can weigh the points below and decide which is best for you.

      1) With no previous preparation, coping up in ILP is very difficult unless you change your mindset to learn the new things like programming languages. With an open-minded attitude, the desire to learn and a bit of help, you can master these things. What is most important is your analytical and problem-solving skills.

      2) If you fail to cope up in ILP, you maybe put into Remedial, where you have to do extra time and extra assignments. This is a good thing but it may discourage you and make you regret. Again, with determination and hard work, you’ll be able to do it!

      3) After ILP, you’ll be considered equivalent to a CSE student. At this time, you may get projects immediately (Mumbai, Chennai, maybe Pune too) or may have to be on bench for months before you clear a project interview. Again, unless your concepts are clear, they won’t take you.

      4) Location change is usually done after joining with a valid reason on medical, marriage or other serious personal grounds. Otherwise, they are not likely to consider. A change to places like Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore is given almost instantly because they’re always ready to take trainees.

      5) Down the line, what would you like to do? Be in TCS, join another company or continue with higher studies.

      6) TCS doesn’t kick you out that easily. So, you have total security unless you do something criminal! 😛

      I hope these points help you in making your decision. All the best! 🙂

  25. thanx a tonne Zim…u`v filtered and refined your experience and have tried to be as much clear and precise as you could have been…u know..the 6th point u mentioned..is gonna help me a lot to come to a decision…;)….thnx again..you are doing a great great job..

  26. Zim..1 more favor plz…i`v been working on SAP since last couple of months..also..BI is a thing that i would be really interested to opt for..if i get either of these two streams after ILP ,

    1) of what i`v heard from couple of seniors working in there , is it true that i`l have to do less of programming and coding ( IF i get SAP or BI)
    2) what are the odds of me getting either of these..i mean.will they consider and entertain my interests by any chance..?

  27. Hello zim..I am an ECE student. I got offer letter from TCS on 3rd November 2012. Please give me some exact and real answers….

    1) I have Certification in LINUX & Basic Java. Apart from that I do develop IT applications in Netbeans IDE 7.2.1 in my leisure time. What all CSE subjects I need to make strong to get into projects in TCS after ILP ?

    2) In the bench period(2 to 3 months) , how much salary do they provide ?

    3) I will be passing out B.Tech on June 2013, after passing out till my appointment letter comes, What all programming, subjects should I learn before joining ILP ?

    4) I know Computer Hardware/Assembling/Installing/Formatting. Apart from these What other skills should I need to have ?

    5) I had also developed a simple Website for an educational organization using HTML. Will these skills help me in TCS ?

    6) Will TCS throw me out if I have a low ILP rating and sit on the bench for more than 5 months ?

    Please answer me exactly in points..

    • 1) Please read my post https://zimslifeintcs.wordpress.com/2011/12/21/ilp-aspire/ to know what subjects you should be strong in.
      2) Salary will be same during bench.
      3) Don’t try to horde up all programming languages. What matters is the logic. If you know one language, the others get easier. I’ll advice strengthening your advanced JAVA also. Get an SCJP certification too if you want a JAVA stream in ILP.
      4) The skills you have mentioned are basic and are not of that much importance as software these days.
      5) Since you know HTML, that is the baby step. Hone yourself in Web technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Servlets, JSP. So that you can design a complete application and make it work.
      6) TCS will not throw you out. It will give you Remedials (extra assignments) and LAAP (15 days extra after ILP) if you can’t clear Remedials and exit interviews.

      • thnks…may u be blessed by god for your help…. i will try to ask any questions or doubts coming, as a joinee fresher..

    • No…but it will be of help if you get Telecom domain i.e if you get to work in Telecom projects after your ILP. Do mention that to your RMG that you’re interested in Telecom projects coz you have a CCNA certification.

  28. Hey Zim,
    I have my joining on 7 th march chennai…do you have any idea regarding Chennai…..the projects and opportunities .??? As i am totally unaware of it….i have also heard that , i’ll be getting Chennai as my Base branch….which was not in my preference..But still i am happy…as everything Happens for Good..:D

  29. Hi Zim, Aspire consists of Know ur TCS an Communication courses also. Will questions based on these courses be asked in PAT?

  30. Hey…how many questions does PAT exam consist of? The topics covered in PAT are Unix, DBMS, Java n web technologies ryt? Are there any more topics? And how many questions per topic? Is there negative marking for incorrect answers?

  31. Zim..bro u r doing gr8..pls keep it up..I hv one simple query..
    will they provide me accomodation in kolkata??if yes then a probable list plz with details..

  32. I have placed tcs for 2013 batch .. how can i know my college grade it is not there in list i am from UVCE , Bangalore .. and is there ILP centre in Bangalore

  33. plz tell me what type of activities r done in grooming or businss classes…if u gv som details…or exmpl…it wil b realy hlpful…

  34. Hi..The space for writing designation in the stamp paper for NCA is small and I didn’t notice it.Can I continue writing the words on the top of the next printed word or do I need to take another stamp paper?

  35. hey hi zim…i have recently got an offer letter from tcs….my joining wud be once i wl complete my 8th sem…i want to inquire that whch languages should i learn bfre goin thr???

    • If you know C, you can master any programming language. In a language, what matters is how you use them to solve the problem. So, the main thing is logic. I suggest you take JAVA coaching or tuition! 😀 If you know one programming language, you’ll find it easier to learn other programming languages too.

  36. Hey Zim,
    I have my joining on 7 th march chennai…do you have any idea regarding Chennai…..the projects and opportunities .??? As i am totally unaware of it….i have also heard that , i’ll be getting Chennai as my Base branch….which was not in my preference..But still i am happy…as everything Happens for Good..:D

    • If you get LAAP, you’ll get to know that before you complete your ILP. Your lead will let you know. It is an additional 15 days with extra assignments.

  37. heyy i m going for taining on 5th march to trivandrum n i need a leave from 22-24thmarch. i want to ask u dat will i have to take leave for 23rd n 24th wch is a saturday n sunday also…or only for 22nd which is a friday? n wn i hav to give application for my leave…..? will they surely allow leave bcz i hav n urgent piece of work?

    • It is not advisable to take a leave during ILP. If you can complete it in Saturday and Sunday, then fine! If the work is that urgent, you might take a sick leave on Friday and be back on Sunday. It is risky as they might not approve the leave for Friday unless you are sick. Also, ask your batchmates to convey the reason to your ILP leads.

  38. Hi, actually i want to get transfer from kol to hyd as my father is ill…..but RMG is not considering my reqst, so what can i do now???

  39. hey zim plz answer my queries…i m joining tcs trivandrum in march…
    1)wt r d subjects v need to study in pat..?
    2)hw many boys vil b sharing d room in d hostel..?wt is d system fr bedding..?do v need 2 take our mattresses..?
    3.is it necessary to take a laptop vid us?i dnt hv one..
    4.is tcs goin to pay fr d food ..and vil it b available in d campus?
    5.hw much vil b our pay during and after ilp?
    6.are dere any chances to get bak d posting at new delhi ,parliament street centre..?are d projects good dere?
    7.i am a non IT student..wt vl b my duration fr ilp..?
    pls help me……..

    • 1) Read post– https://zimslifeintcs.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/healthy-downloads-and-aspire-materials/
      2) Twin sharing is only available. No bedding required. Just take a bedsheet with you and your own pillow cover if you have a problem with the provided covers.
      3) It is necessary to have a laptop. If possible, also a good net connection dongle like Photon, Idea, Airtel..
      4) You have to pay for the food. Have enough cash with you for the first month. You will get food coupons/ Sodexo from the following month.
      5) If you are provided accommodation, salary will range from 13-16k as HRA is 3000.
      6) Once you have submitted your location preference, you can’t change it and you have to accept what TCS gives you. You can try for a transfer (it is difficult to get without valid reasons) or wait for 2 years after which you can ask for a location change.

      7) For everyone, the duration of ILP is same..ie. somewhere around 80 days.

  40. Hi Zim, it is worth reading ur blog. u r doing really a good work.
    i was recruited on nov 2012 and would receive my JL this december. Im frm ECE, and have certifications in C++,Unix/shellscripting. by the time i receive my JL what else certifications can i do? Do the certifications need to be from some reputed institutions? does the C++, unix stream is alone sufficient??

  41. hello…… i wanted to know about internet option in the hostel….. i suppose we need to carry our net connect….. does reliance net connect coverage is good there or i should buy a vodafone or airtel…..

    • Go for Tata Photon. Airtel is expensive, I guess! That depends on which location you are in. In Trivandrum, people preferred Photon and Idea though I used BSNL 3G.

  42. hi,
    i was hired under EIS division. What does the EIS ILP consists of?I am from ECE background.Will my area of interest is considered for that?

  43. hi,
    I’m selected in TCS thru campus drive……..joining may be in Sept-13.I’m preparing for CAT-13.Last few months are important for CAT preparation n ILP would be going on around then.Is it possible to take a month’s leave on medical grounds?

    • no leaves are permitted during ILP…either you take it or leave it sort of situation..if you take a month’s leave, they’ll put you in another ILP batch anyway.


    • It is not possible to change. You can only talk to your RMG about the type of projects you want. They can help you out best regarding these queries.

  45. hii zim …i know its a very late question but please give an honest answer yar…i have no idea of even the minimum basics of c,c+,java etc(pls dont ask how i graduated in comp. and got into tcs….god’s grace)..i never thought of taking up tcs until 10 days back due to which i dint do any ground work ,,,i just hurriedly did the aspie quizzez through copying…i am newly married ..actually i am into management…..after marriage and little time issues i suddenly took up the decision of tcs…My ILP at hyd begins from 25th march(i.e)day after tomarow…..i have no idea of even basics
    do u think i can survive…i only have comunication skills and negattive level of technical skill….will i be thrown out…is coding very much essential to survive tcs ilp?
    has anyone been thrown out of LAAP?….

    • First thing is–calm down…I have had batchmates who didn’t know ‘C’ of coding and they survived. ILP will teach you what you need to learn so have an open mind to learn and be sincere. Leads will start teaching from the very basics coz they know that not everyone is accustomed to programming languages. You will find many people like you. Be attentive in the sessions, ask doubts and don’t be ashamed or shy. You won’t learn unless you ask. Take up the concepts, take books from the library, Google doubts, ask for help from batchmates/roomies/ partner and practice after you go back to the hostel. Revise what you have learned that day. Make notes. Programming is all about knowing the logic. Syntax is like grammar. You just use it to help the computer understand what you want it to do. All of us know that 2+2= 4 but how do you feed it into the computer?? By writing a program. The way you can feed it can be in any language but the concept of 2+2 is your logic. You only need to use your head there. So, be cool and study well. Don’t be disappointed if you get Remedial. It means extra assignments and extra time which will be good for you. If you can’t clear Remedials on the 55th day of ILP or can’t clear exit interviews, you’ll get LAAP. But people rarely get it. Best of luck. Feel free to come back and post your doubts once you join. I hope you have an enjoyable ILP! 😀

  46. i had visited this blog. and got benefited from many questions and answers. Thanks very much for this blog site! plss, answer me these questions ………..
    1. i know netbeans and GUI programming in JAVA at very beginner level. Will this create an advantage when i join tcs ?
    2. after ilp completion, i.e in reserve bench till i get a a project, would i be provided the variable pay allowance ??
    3. if i go to office from my home itself, and then if i get the HRA, the amount will be saved, so will i get the HRA, if i accommodate from my home itself ????
    4. during the training period, will i be able to re-structure the ‘ bouquet of benefits’ ??
    5. does tcs (probably, tcs kolkata, tcs bangalore, tcs trivandrum, tcs hyderabad) pay the bouquet of benefits to its employees as they promise in the offer letter ?????

    • 1) Netbeans and all will be useful only when you join a project after ILP. Before that, these will be helpful- https://zimslifeintcs.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/healthy-downloads-and-aspire-materials/

      2) You’ll get salary on bench. Just don’t be on bench for too long..or your confirmation will be delayed and you won’t get performance bonus! 😛

      3) Just get a rent slip of your house or a printout stating your name, address, signature, rent from march this year to april next year (financial year) signed by the landlord/owner and his address and submit it for tax reduction.

      4) yes, BoB is there for us. In fact, your house rent question is our TRLP. We do it every financial year to reduce tax. Other than that, food coupons and all that are there. You’ll come to know little by little.

  47. hello zimm……..bfore i join tcs, m being recruited from a c grade college, 2013 pass out batch, plzz answer me a few questions…..this blog is very beneficial…
    a) does tcs provide all benefits and incentives at recession or when the company is not good in performance ??
    b) many say, that all IT companies hires freshers and then sacks out after 2 years if performance falls, is TCS also of that category ??
    c) m not so good at communication skills, but fair, my English is not so good, but i can speak it fine , but has grammatical mistakes sometimes,they are not severe grammatical mistakes, Will it create problems at company ????
    d) i can learn greatly, but it takes little bit of spoon-feeding 😛 , in ILP would they make me clarify doubts on hand , by spoon-feeding if situation comes ??
    e) recently i heard that HCL technologies gave offer letters but before joining, they are rejecting the offer letters, instead they are saying it as an letter of intent and they are planning for a test again and then giving appointments to those who passed the tests… i am hving fear that since i am from a C grade college, if my offer gets rejected and the etc, etc etc….. Will tcs ever do that ?
    f) how are appraisals done in tcs?

    • 1) I don’t have an idea about recession in TCS but I like TCS for it’s safety. I have heard cases where TCS sacked employees due to recession. But if you are a good and promising candidate, they won’t sack you.

      2) After 2 years, you will be experienced and 2 years is a lot for learning work. And even people with 5 years experience get D band (lowest performance band). That depends on a lot of things including project budget, politics etc.

      3) Please read newspapers and listen to news to improve communication skills, vocabulary, grammar and spelling 😀 This is boring but the best way!

      4) ILP won’t spoon feed you. If you have doubts, discuss with the tech lead, friends and classmates. Also if you think you need special help, feel free to approach your technical lead for help.

      5) My friends from Grade C colleges got JL with me, although their joining was 3 months after mine..but they are in projects now…don’t worry. But that doesn’t mean that you stop looking for other jobs.

      6) We have two appraisal cycles. H1 and H2. Final anniversary appraisal is the one that you get after 1 year in TCS. H2 appraisal is another kind in which you get bands from A-D. This decides your increment. Getting a D means decrease in salary.

      I hope I could help! 😀

  48. Hello sir i am from upstrem hydrocarbon exploration branch. tcs come to university of petroleum and enrgy studies for recruitment of upstream oil and gas engineer and i and my friend got selected. during interview i asked about my work and profile in tcs then they told me that you will work on your domain like well planning, geophysics, well logging etc. But as in offer letter it was the post of assistant system engineer trainee and the whole ilp is related to programming part. As we are from a non cs branch and having our specialization in geology and geophysics. we do not have knowledge about programming. can u please suggest to us that after ilp what type of project will be assigned to us. is those project will be related to our core oil and gas, hydrocarbon exploration. geophysics etc field or from other sector projects. now we are very confused about that if will not get any project or job in our domain field then how we will survive. sir please suggest me an better idea and clear my confusion about the joining of upstream student of non cs branch.

  49. i just recieved a mail from tcs regaring the certificate tracker…
    what is it all abt?as in what all details we hav to submit over there?

  50. Hi, I am 2012 Passout(B.Tech Mechanical)..I was supposed to join TCS on 11th March 2013 at Trivandrum…Suddenly on 2nd March I was detected with Jaundice and my health condition became critical…I mailed all my medical reports,Marksheets n all other docs that were asked to ilp.support@tcs.com and to my HR at Trivandrum. I was recruited for EIS domain and that was confirmed to me by TCS by a mail. Till now I haven’t received any new joining date. Can u pl tell me whether or not they cnsider these cases?n ilp.support is really v slow…so who else mite be able to help me??Plz help…m lot tensed n worried…feeling helpless..

    • Please keep calling up your coordinator from time to time to know the status. Also, talk to the ilp support. Bug them and they will listen.

  51. Hey zim hello! your post nd replies are reaally very helpful!im from ece backgrount i got into tcs in 2013 Im yet to receive my joining letter!(i got offer letter in the month of september).what certification courses would you suggest for frehsers from ece background before ILP..As there might be a gap of few months which courses should we join in these months?

  52. Hey hi Zim,
    Nice blog. 🙂 🙂 Hats off to u. This is really helpful for the freshers like me.i m also going to suggest my frnds to follow this blog. 🙂

    I was selected in TCS as ASE in Sept 2012. i m pursuing b.e in automobile branch from oriental, Bhopal and will be an engineer in few day 😛 .
    I wanted have your guidelines on following things :-
    1. when can we expect the joining this year.. will it be late like the previous year.????
    2. what about the preferences. i opted 1st for Delhi then Pune and then Kolkata. what are my chance of getting Delhi, my first preference?
    3. What is the role of an automobile engineer in TCS.? Is joining TCS is a good decision for me? Will there be a proper growth for me or not? How can i compete with IT/ CS engineers?

    plz help me. i need ur guidelines…
    Thanks in advance.. 🙂
    waiting for ur reply

    • 1) joining letter can come anywhere between 3-5 months after passing out 😀 But that depends.
      2) Delhi as posting location is highly probable. But don’t underestimate Pune either.
      3) As an automobile engineer, IT job is definitely not for you. Tata motors is for you. Not Tata Consultancy Services, where you will sit behind a computer and write mails. But don’t think that you can’t cope up with IT engineers. If you work hard and open to learning anything, you can surpass them 😛
      If you get a job in any automobile company (except Tata Motors) within your tenure in TCS, go for it. But, remember that if you run away from TCS before 2 years, you have to pay Rs. 50,000. If you run away without paying, you will be blacklisted and never get in any TATA company again. That’s why I said, “Except Tata Motors” 😛 So, plan accordingly.

  53. hello sir.i have got my ilp as trivandrum.is there any possible way that i can change it to somewhere else?please reply

  54. i have got trivandrum as my ilp.i want to change it to hyderabad.is it possible?one of my friend got hyderabad and wants to change it with me.

  55. hi , they have given me the joining date as 19th august but i have my GRE exam on 22nd .is there any possibility that i can join on 23rd of the same month ? or any other solution?

  56. zim! you are a life saver. the post has helped me a great deal. now i know what to prepare before my ilp, and what to expect after my joining. thanks a ton. may god bless you

  57. can u please tell me about the dress code at hyderabad…as my ilp location is hyderabad….and about accomodation der…

    • As dress code is same everywhere, please go through–https://zimslifeintcs.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/prerequisites-for-grooming/

  58. I have entered cochin as my first preference.and chennai is second. Now i got mail from Tcs that for me ILP commence from December 2013. Now Can i change the first preference to chennai? I dont like to work in cochin. Help me

  59. I have entered cochin as my first preference.and chennai is second. Now i got mail from Tcs that for me ILP commence from December 2013. Now Can i change the first preference to chennai? I dont like to work in cochin. Help me please!!

  60. i’m an IT student, so is it necessary to do java certification bcz i’m good at java and one more thing is that will i get java stream if i didnt do certification

    • A JAVA certification will be beneficial from now onward till your project days. You won’t get JAVA stream without an OCJP certification.

  61. hi zim,
    Do you get to know your joining location just after giving your ilp-pat or at the end of ilp ?
    waiting for you reply…..

  62. hey zim,
    I heard that the hostel accommodation in trivandrum for tcs is co-ed.
    Is there anyway i can change hostels?
    Please can u tell me the list of all the hostels available in trivandrum tcs facility and whether they are co-ed or not ?

  63. does delhi has ilp center??
    i have given my first preference as delhi? is there any chance of getting delhi

    • You’ll get accommodation details in your mail a week before joining. In case you don’t receive the mail 4-5 days before joining, please call up your ILP coordinator.

  64. Thanks for your Answers, but i want to know that just after the iLP will i get some days free or i have to go to the posting locations just after the completion of ILP.?

  65. how good is ilp ,hyderabad ,i mean from all possible prospectives … i gave my preferrence as mumbai ,delhi and banflore ..is it possible my base branch stays mumbai?

  66. hey zim,my college is a C grade one.when will i be getting my joining tentatively?n how much tym bfr joining,we get the joining letter?

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