HAPPY DIWALI, my visitor friends! Hope you’re having a blast! Stay safe with firecrackers, eat lots of sweets, take photos and make the most of the moments!

For friends who have got their JL or are waiting for it, I advise you to fully enjoy Diwali with your family this year. Who knows, next year, you “might” not be able to! Okay, that’s a “might”. Make sure you work hard throughout the year so that you can enjoy a Diwali week with your family 😀




Okay, I’ve been getting so many queries on what is allowed and what is not allowed, that I finally decided to write a post on it! 😀



1) DO NOT take pen drives, CDs, laptops, cameras or any other mass storage device to the office. You can keep them in your room.


2) DO NOT take photos with your phone inside the office. Taking photos is strictly prohibited.


3) DO NOT be late for any session or presentation. Some leads are very strict and may not allow you to attend that session.


4) For guys who smoke, use the breaks and go to the proper area where smoking is allowed.


5) DO NOT use your phone frequently because many ILP centers don’t allow the usage of phones inside the office. If it is allowed in small amounts, make sure you maintain your phone etiquette by using the breaks to make a call,  moving to a corner and speaking in a low tone. Other than that, calling up your friend to come to class, sending an SMS in class, playing games and checking your Facebook  is totally allowed, provided that you don’t get caught! 🙂


6) DO NOT chew gums and throw them here and there. It’ll be bad if you are caught chewing gums 😦 If you really have to chew something, do it at your own risk! 🙂


7) DO NOT take food items to office. In Trivandrum, sometimes, chocolates and biscuits weren’t even allowed. But, if you can take them through, you can eat them in the small breaks. Or, you can eat in class! Again, don’t get caught! 😀


8) DO NOT waste your coffee breaks and big break. You get them after long hours. Freshen yourself up in these 15 or 30 minutes!


9) DO NOT wander off in the middle of lab sessions. If you need to drink water (coz guys don’t usually carry water) or wash your face (coz girls usually do that), ask your lead or let the person beside you know that. That way, if you are not in your seat, people will know that you didn’t ditch that session. I remember running off 5-10 minutes before the end of lab session, so that I don’t get into a long queue during the big break!  Of course, don’t do this if your lead is around! 😀


10)  DO NOT dress improperly throughout the week. Read my post on grooming at- BASIC GROOMING AND ETIQUETTE.


11) DO NOT use offensive language, direct/indirect insults, swearing and criticism. It will be bad for your rating and people will give bad feedback about you and know you as someone having an attitude problem. If you’re heard by any lead or supervisor, it can cost you your job. So, keep it all outside the office! 🙂 Discussing about how your lead is teaching JAVA is totally normal but, keep it low! You have feedback sessions for that!


12) DO NOT indulge in any destructive activities like breaking  and damaging things. That is the last thing TCS expects from you. Do not run about and behave like children. Remember, be in your very best behaviour, always! 🙂


13) DO NOT violate TCS Information Security policies. You’ll get to know them once you join ILP. Lock your system when you aren’t around, Log off when not using it, do not use the Internet for personal uses except during free time.  Most sites like Facebook, YouTube, Gmail etc. will be blocked. Don’t try any other pathways as the iSecurity team constantly monitors your surfing history. You can take a dongle and surf the net in your hostel.




1) DO NOT bring electrical appliances (except laptop and phone charger) to the hostel if it is not allowed! If you can manage to go past the luggage X-Ray (it’s there in many places), then  you’re fine! Just don’t have it lying around on your desk! Wash your clothes and avail the laundry services! 🙂


2) DO NOT take food items to your rooms if it is not allowed. There’s a separate room for keeping your food. You can also sneak past the guard and bring some food into your room! Don’t get caught! 😀


3) DO NOT cross hostel timings if your hostel has rules about being closed at a certain time. If you are late, you better have a valid reason. If you are going to be late or won’t come back for the night, let the hostel authorities know that. If your hostel has rules about ‘can’t stay outside after 10 or overnight’, follow it! Exception is that, a group of people go for a tour somewhere!


4) DO NOT DRINK or come back drunk! There have been cases everywhere! For both girls and guys! Give it a rest for these 3 months. If you have to drink, be in control OR stay outside for the night at some hotel and return early in the morning with some excuse. Such actions will not only make your reputation bad but can also get your job terminated. You wouldn’t want your parents to know that now, would you?


5) Girls, please DO NOT wear skimpy clothes and go out, especially if the place isn’t safe or it isn’t very modernized. You don’t want to draw any unwanted attention or comments. DO NOT venture out alone after dark, on your own. Be with a group with at least one guy in it. Even if that means, you want to have dinner outside! Guys, please accompany them whenever needed!


6) DO NOT miss  the  TCS bus, if your hostel is far away from the office. Know the bus timings and be punctual! If you miss it, it’s up to you to reach office on time!


7) DO NOT behave rudely with the hostel authorities, guards or maids! You’re gone if they report you! If you are facing a problem, talk to the hostel authorities and do something about it. If the problem is not solved, contact your ILP center’s accommodation administrator!

Example: One of the lodges that my friends were staying in had bad water supply. They complained to the manager but he didn’t do anything about it. They complained to the administrator in office the next day and he went to check out what the matter is! If the problem is genuine, he’ll do something about it!


That’s it! 😀 Follow the rules and don’t do something else other than extraordinary! 😀




Whew!! This longggg list that you are seeing is nothing but a compilation of what you’ll study and encounter in Aspire! as well as some extra materials! 🙂 Click the links and download the things you like! Do not forget to comment and let me know if something is missing/ needs to be corrected! 😀


Please download all three documents and see which one suits your requirement, as quizzes can be different!

ASPIRE QUIZZES WITH ANSWERS 2011 (Click to Download!)

ASPIRE QUIZZES AND ANSWERS 2012 (Click to Download!)




  • Fundamentals of Database Management Systems- 3rd Edition (Elmasri-Navathe). Download the book!

UNIX: (The materials given are also useful if you get UNIX stream in ILP) :

  • UNIX ASSIGNMENT (latest assignment is in Aspire quizzes and answers 2012 document above!)
  • Teach Yourself Shell Programming for UNIX in 24 Hours– Download the book! (REQUIRED FOR ILP UNIX STREAM )




  • Learn JSP and Servlets- Download Head First Servlets and JSP (Great for Beginners, especially if you get JAVA stream in ILP. Even better if you can buy the book or get it from a library!)
  • For running PHP code, you need to download and install a software called WAMP (Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP) or LAMP (for Linux). Download WAMP server according to your system configuration. For installing it correctly, plese read the instructions on the page. For running the code, please read the instructions at- http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/php/php1p3.html.



You just need a basic understanding of the different software life cycles and their steps  to know how projects work! You don’t have to cram and learn everything by heart!



  • JDK- Download it! (Please choose the JDK according to your Operating System. This is required for compiling and running JAVA code.)
  • Eclipse IDE- Download! (You can write and run JAVA programs as well as develop a JAVA-based web application 😉 )
  • Apache Tomcat 7- Download! (Server for deploying the web application)
  • Oracle 10g Express Edition Database- Download from Oracle! (you need to sign up first to download it!)

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NSR (National Skills Registry) Registration Steps!

Whatever you do, DO NOT FREAK OUT if your friends got some stupid NSR mail and you didn’t!!!!!

NSR is known as National Skills Registry and employees  have to make their profiles here for the companies to view. Of course, you can choose which company will view your profile, in this case, TCS. TCS will send you a mail shortly after you get your offer letter or any other time, asking you to register yourself at NSR, paying the registration fees of Rs 337  and then get a Biometrics done (scanning your fingerprints) at any Point of Service (POS) office in your area. *Takes deep breath*

NOTE: If you didn’t get the NSR mail from TCS even a month before joining, you can call up the helpline and ask them about it OR you can register yourself at NSR! No problem with that! In case you haven’t registered at all, you will have to finish your NSR registration after joining ILP and TCS will provide facilities for the payment and Biometrics. But, it’s still safer to do the registration and everything beforehand! Discuss with your friends and do it together! It’s fun! 🙂


Now take a deep breath and read the detailed instructions for registration:


1)  Open Internet Explorer (IE) and IE only!! Go to https://nationalskillsregistry.com/ and complete the registration as a new user. Click “Register Now”. Read the NSR Registration process instructions carefully and make sure you have all the details (pan card number, passport number (if any), Roll numbers of 10th, 10+2, graduation etc.) with you!


2)  Select NSR Registration Requested By “My Future Employer”, choose “Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.” (You can always change the details later, you don’t need to select anything right now. You can later edit your profile and can provide your employee ID after you have one)


3)  Fill up the address  properly. No need to give commas(,) and fullstops(.) as those will be provided later. First, provide your House/Street no., then Street Name, Area and State. Provide phone numbers with ISD code (91) and Area Code. Enter your E-mail ID carefully because your IT-PIN will be initially sent to your email.


4)  During the Authentication part,  you have to provide a secret question, an answer, a Login ID and two passwords. On submitting, you will get your Acknowledgment number. Write down the Acknowledgement number, Login ID, secret question answer and the passwords you have given, somewhere safe. 


5)  Note down the Acknowledgement number and fill the rest of the qualifications form. Submit that and you’ll get a form asking about your Employer. Select “No” and choose your company by clicking on “Click for selecting employer company” and writing “Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.” in the Search Box. You’ll get the result and then  select it. After that, scroll down and click on “Submit and View”. Verify your details, scroll down and click “Continue your registration by doing the Payment”  if everything is correct.


6)  Then choose the payment mode. You can either pay online or at the location of POS (Offices assigned by NASSCOM) https://nationalskillsregistry.com/pos-details-register.htm.  It’s better to pay at the POS office where you’ll do your fingerprint scanning!! So choose “Payment to be made by Demand Draft/Cash at the location of POS”.


7)  Now you will get your ITP Web Registration Acknowledgement Form. You have to print this, paste your recent photograph and take it to your POS.


8)  After you’re done,  go to the POS office with the Acknowledgment form,  pay Rs. 337 and get the Biometrics done. Carry your ID proof with you (voter ID, pan card etc).


9)  After this, you will get your ITPIN after a week or so. It will be sent to your email address along with the e-card. Take two printouts of this e-card (with your pic in it) and sign below the card (self-attestation)! You’ll need to submit this after your joining.


10)  Submit your ITPIN number in the TCS Portal, https://nextstep.tcs.com/ (use IE for anything in NextStep).


Psst..You can also make a fake profile to check out how it looks before you do the right thing!! Whew!!! Biggie!! Good Luck!! 🙂