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A very Merry Christmas to everyone and a Merry “ILP” Christmas to myself! 😛 I couldn’t see that much of a celebration here but I did catch a glimpse of the lighted stars hanging in Christian homes! Then there were small, lighted cave like structures depicting the birth of Jesus, much like our roadside temples! Just awesome!

I checked into the hostel today. It seems that maximum number of girls are allotted rooms in Peepul Park 😛 Good thing that it’s closer to the office..hehe!! The rooms are good but a bit smelly!! 😛 The hostel has strict security when it comes to luggage and items brought from outside…that means that you can’t bring  food in your rooms (you’ll have to hide ’em), there’ll be a separate pantry for your food stuff,  no electronic devices (except phone and laptop) and not even plastic bags!! 😐 They started doing an X-Ray of my luggage so I thought “Am I here to blow up your place? -_- ” I guess people do bring in plastics and stuff, and no one gets to know sometimes 😛 You might get the Executive hostel (with everything allowed) or a nearby hotel (with everything allowed). And you’ll get no TV in your rooms. Except that, in Peepul Park, you’ll have TV rooms! 🙂

As for the guys, you can get accommodation almost anywhere in Trivandrum! 😀 If you’re very lucky, you’ll get the Executive Hostel. If you are less lucky, you’ll get accommodation ranging from minor walking distances to about 3-4 kms. If you are unlucky, you’ll have to stay at least 30-40 minutes (in bus) away from the TCS Campus. But don’t worry!! You’ll have free bus service! Just know the timings and be punctual! 🙂

The reception was flooded with new faces and a few known ones from my college!! 😀 We had to sleep early or it would be tough to wake at 5:00 am and then report at 7:00am. The funny part is that none of us slept peacefully at all!! 😛