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The most time-consuming part of joining TCS is it’s documentation! Trust me, it just appears to be mountainous!! It actually isn’t…with the right timing and guidance! This is just a general guide to the new ILP candidates. You should always strictly ¬†follow your annexure! ūüėõ

Never hurry with the documentation!! You never know when TCS changes the formats. So wait and watch what others are doing. Call up the helpline or your ILP coordinator (if your ILP location is particularly strict about certain formats) and clear your doubts! I think calling up or mailing the ILP coordinator clears your doubts in a major way! ūüėÄ

Download the word format of the Service Agreement and Non-Criminal Affidavit for easy printing. Please check with the format TCS has sent you and do the necessary changes—TCS Agreement final.zip¬†

If you have your name misspelled in your PAN card, or have two different names in two documents or need a study gap affidavit, please download- Notarized Affidavits For Corrections, etc.zip


So let’s do this fast! ūüėÄ


The documentation is divided into four parts:


1a )¬†Service Agreement¬†: Read the service agreement guidelines carefully before filling up anything. Many might find this silly but I prefer filling up xerox copies first. Saves me the money for printing again in case something goes wrong! So you use a Rs 100 stamp paper here for the first few lines and print the rest on simple A4 papers. Fill everything up in CAPS, using a¬†pen. Do not remove any clause, not even the page numbers! Don’t forget your signature and surety’s signature on the bottom of each page!! Service Agreement needn’t be notarized.

1b)¬†Surety Verification:¬†This is a part of the Service Agreement.¬†Any person who is an Income Tax Payee or has Land property can be your surety! Example: your father! ¬†So just make sure you place the signatures in proper places and have your surety fill up the “Surety Verification Form”. This form has to be attested by a Gazetted Officer or the manager of a nationalized bank where the surety holds an account! You need¬†attested photocopies¬†of the surety’s latest income tax return and pan card.

NOTE:¬†Make sure your surety’s signature everywhere matches with that done in his/her Pan Card..or you are in some serious trouble! ūüėź


2) Non-Criminal Affidavit:¬†You also do this in a Rs 100 stamp paper (or Rs 50-Rs 50). Make sure the text starts in the stamp paper. It doesn’t matter if you type or print, just fill in the blanks with a pen! For example, I have printed the first two paras on stamp paper, the 6 clauses on demi paper (court paper) and the witness page on another demi paper. Don’t worry if demi paper isn’t available in your place. You can use A4 papers, I think! Again, DO NOT remove any clause. Make sure you choose non-blood relation people as witnesses! Example: Neighbours. Now, get this affidavit notarized by a notary public in court! ūüėõ


3) Medical Certificate: This is a very easy job. Just fill in the details, tick, tick, tick. Get your doctor to fill up his details. Make sure he signs and places his seal on the second page. He should also sign and place a seal on your photo.


4) Background check form: You need to fill up the hard copy only if you are a DT trainee.  Otherwise, you have to do it online after your joining! Just have the supporting documents with you!

That’s it! ūüėÄ



You’ll need¬†two¬†attested copies¬†of everything but make sure you keep more copies with you! ūüėõ


Here’s a list of the supporting documents you’ll need to get¬†attested by a Gazetted Officer:

Birth Certificate:¬†If your birth certificate is not in¬†English, or your name/place of birth/date of birth is missing, it is recommended that you apply for a new one before it’s too late. Otherwise, you need a notarized affidavit on Rs 20 stamp paper, which is only a temporary arrangement.

Semester Marksheets, class 10 and 10+2 marksheets.

Consolidated Marksheet (from your institution)

Degree Certificate¬†(or Provisional Certificate if you don’t have your Degree Certificate yet)

Your Pan Card

Your Passport 

Surety’s Pan Card

Surety’s Income Tax Return

Surety’s Passport¬†(as an alternative for the Surety Verification Form)

Surety Verification Form


Here’s a list of documents that need¬†self-attestation:

Joining letter

Offer letter

ID proof (Passport, Voter ID)

Address Proof (Passport, Voter ID)- give a separate copy for address or addresses

Highest degree marksheets (for BGC)

Degree Certificate/ Provisional (for BGC)

NSR e-card printout¬†(after you’re done with Biometrics, you’ll get your ITPIN and e-card with your pic, in your e-mail).

Documents for break in education (if any)

(i)  Medical records, if the break was due to medical reasons.
(ii) Certificates / Examination results, if the break  was due to additional course done.
(iii) Affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper with notary authorization, if the break was due to other personal reasons.


CID Form (if you are from Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai/ Thane City/  Thane Rural/ Pune ). You need to submit Self-attested Criminal Investigation Division (CID) forms for the respective region. (details about forms will be mailed to you just before your joining) OR download-  BGC CID forms.zip



12+ copies passport size photos and at least 4 stamp size photos.


Note:¬†Don’t forget to take the originals with you! ūüėÄ


WHEW!! That’s why it looks soooooo hugeeee and boringggggg!!! ūüėē But I hope that helps!¬†Please correct any mistakes in your/ surety’s Pan Card or in any other document before it’s too late!¬†In case I missed something, feel free to comment! ūüėÄ