TCS Document Check

The most time-consuming part of joining TCS is it’s documentation! Trust me, it just appears to be mountainous!! It actually isn’t…with the right timing and guidance! This is just a general guide to the new ILP candidates. You should always strictly  follow your annexure! 😛

Never hurry with the documentation!! You never know when TCS changes the formats. So wait and watch what others are doing. Call up the helpline or your ILP coordinator (if your ILP location is particularly strict about certain formats) and clear your doubts! I think calling up or mailing the ILP coordinator clears your doubts in a major way! 😀

Download the word format of the Service Agreement and Non-Criminal Affidavit for easy printing. Please check with the format TCS has sent you and do the necessary changes—TCS Agreement 

If you have your name misspelled in your PAN card, or have two different names in two documents or need a study gap affidavit, please download- Notarized Affidavits For Corrections,


So let’s do this fast! 😀


The documentation is divided into four parts:


1a ) Service Agreement : Read the service agreement guidelines carefully before filling up anything. Many might find this silly but I prefer filling up xerox copies first. Saves me the money for printing again in case something goes wrong! So you use a Rs 100 stamp paper here for the first few lines and print the rest on simple A4 papers. Fill everything up in CAPS, using a pen. Do not remove any clause, not even the page numbers! Don’t forget your signature and surety’s signature on the bottom of each page!! Service Agreement needn’t be notarized.

1b) Surety Verification: This is a part of the Service Agreement. Any person who is an Income Tax Payee or has Land property can be your surety! Example: your father!  So just make sure you place the signatures in proper places and have your surety fill up the “Surety Verification Form”. This form has to be attested by a Gazetted Officer or the manager of a nationalized bank where the surety holds an account! You need attested photocopies of the surety’s latest income tax return and pan card.

NOTE: Make sure your surety’s signature everywhere matches with that done in his/her Pan Card..or you are in some serious trouble! 😐


2) Non-Criminal Affidavit: You also do this in a Rs 100 stamp paper (or Rs 50-Rs 50). Make sure the text starts in the stamp paper. It doesn’t matter if you type or print, just fill in the blanks with a pen! For example, I have printed the first two paras on stamp paper, the 6 clauses on demi paper (court paper) and the witness page on another demi paper. Don’t worry if demi paper isn’t available in your place. You can use A4 papers, I think! Again, DO NOT remove any clause. Make sure you choose non-blood relation people as witnesses! Example: Neighbours. Now, get this affidavit notarized by a notary public in court! 😛


3) Medical Certificate: This is a very easy job. Just fill in the details, tick, tick, tick. Get your doctor to fill up his details. Make sure he signs and places his seal on the second page. He should also sign and place a seal on your photo.


4) Background check form: You need to fill up the hard copy only if you are a DT trainee.  Otherwise, you have to do it online after your joining! Just have the supporting documents with you!

That’s it! 😀



You’ll need two attested copies of everything but make sure you keep more copies with you! 😛


Here’s a list of the supporting documents you’ll need to get attested by a Gazetted Officer:

Birth Certificate: If your birth certificate is not in English, or your name/place of birth/date of birth is missing, it is recommended that you apply for a new one before it’s too late. Otherwise, you need a notarized affidavit on Rs 20 stamp paper, which is only a temporary arrangement.

Semester Marksheets, class 10 and 10+2 marksheets.

Consolidated Marksheet (from your institution)

Degree Certificate (or Provisional Certificate if you don’t have your Degree Certificate yet)

Your Pan Card

Your Passport 

Surety’s Pan Card

Surety’s Income Tax Return

Surety’s Passport (as an alternative for the Surety Verification Form)

Surety Verification Form


Here’s a list of documents that need self-attestation:

Joining letter

Offer letter

ID proof (Passport, Voter ID)

Address Proof (Passport, Voter ID)- give a separate copy for address or addresses

Highest degree marksheets (for BGC)

Degree Certificate/ Provisional (for BGC)

NSR e-card printout (after you’re done with Biometrics, you’ll get your ITPIN and e-card with your pic, in your e-mail).

Documents for break in education (if any)

(i)  Medical records, if the break was due to medical reasons.
(ii) Certificates / Examination results, if the break  was due to additional course done.
(iii) Affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper with notary authorization, if the break was due to other personal reasons.


CID Form (if you are from Mumbai/ Navi Mumbai/ Thane City/  Thane Rural/ Pune ). You need to submit Self-attested Criminal Investigation Division (CID) forms for the respective region. (details about forms will be mailed to you just before your joining) OR download-  BGC CID



12+ copies passport size photos and at least 4 stamp size photos.


Note: Don’t forget to take the originals with you! 😀


WHEW!! That’s why it looks soooooo hugeeee and boringggggg!!! 😕 But I hope that helps! Please correct any mistakes in your/ surety’s Pan Card or in any other document before it’s too late! In case I missed something, feel free to comment! 😀




538 thoughts on “TCS Document Check

  1. Is it a “must” condition to fill up the service agreement in CAPS?I want to know that if we have blood relative as on of our witness in no affadivit form,is it wrong?do TCS neglect them as witness?

    • First, the reason why you should fill up the service agreement in CAPS is because it will look neat and clean, and most of all it can be understood! However, there is no rule that you have to use only CAPS. Second, try not to use blood relatives as witnesses because TCS says so. Why take risk when you can get other people as witnesses!! 🙂

  2. should i type or print the service agreement and non criminal affidavit?if i typed the first page of srvice agreement on 100 rs. stamp paper,and rest printed on dummy it the right procedure?

    • It doesn’t matter whether you type or print! That also depends on the strictness of your ILP center. I had printed the first page of Service Agreement on stamp paper and the rest of the document in A4 pages and then filled the blanks with pen, so you can do the same 🙂 As for non-criminal affidavit, you can print the first page on stamp paper and the rest on Demy/ Court Paper. If court paper is not available in your area, you can use A4 pages too. Then fill the blanks with pen! 🙂 please read the “non-criminal affidavit” instructions in the post, on how much to print in what paper!

  3. i dont have permanent address.what should i give as permanent address?the addresses in voter id and ration card are creates any problem during BGC

    • First of all, you don’t need to fill up BGC hard copy if you are a CT trainee (recruited on-campus from your college). You will have to fill it up online after joining ILP. Just have the BGC supporting documents with you. Please read the instructions for BGC carefully in your annexure! 🙂 You have to provide proof for your present address and the number of addresses you have had in the last 7 years. As for permanent address, what address have you provided in your Passport? It is better to call up or write an e-mail to your ILP coordinator to be completely sure about what to do! 🙂

  4. please can anybody help me for my query? I have applied my PAN card one month before.. i still didnt receive it.. Next week Iam joining in TCS Trivandrum.. Will they extend the some days till I get the PAN card?

    • You should have applied for the PAN Card a long time ago! And you should have been checking every week about it’s progress. Call up the authorities and tell them that you’ll be joining next week. PAN Card is one of the mandatory documents during your joining, so to extend the submission, you’ll have to provide the proof that you have applied for a PAN Card. It is also necessary for opening a bank account, so you might face problems. But, they might give you a few days extension. Please call up your ILP coordinator and know what can be done! Don’t panic! 🙂

  5. Sir, In my non-criminal stamp paper they typed “Lsetter” instead of letter by mistake… Lawyer said its no problem. Will it create any problem? Do I have to buy another stamp paper and print it again?

    • It’s better that you change it coz TCS won’t accept any change (that means any mistake) in any document. It is recommended that before you type it on stamp paper, check the document for any mistakes and also print it on a normal paper first. That way, you can be sure before printing the final thing. It’s better not to take the risk! And get it computer printed, if necessary! You can check it on the screen for simple mistakes.

  6. whether the first three lines alone should print on service agreement stamp paper ah..if v typed more than tat means it ll wrong ah..rply soon

    • TCS Format says that the stamp paper should exactly have that number of lines as in the service agreement document. During my ILP, one guy’s service agreement got rejected because he printed more than the number of lines given. Don’t be nervous and strictly follow the format given 🙂

      • sir, is non criminal affidavit should also have the same number of lines as it is or the exact given contents is enough???

        • The exact number of lines won’t fit in the stamp paper or the page will become very crowded, so you have to divide them. Print the first two paras on stamp paper, the 6 clauses on demy paper (court paper) and the witness page (IN WITNESS WHEREOF…) on another demy paper. If demy paper is not available, you can use simple A4 pages.

          • thank u , sir.
            actually if the given format is like
            “Whereas I, ……………………………………., an adult Indian Inhabitant, residing at”
            but i typed in the stamp paper as
            “Whereas I, ……………………………………., an adult Indian Inhabitant,
            residing at………” in two separate lines ….is it OK or should it be in the exact format as given…
            actually i didnt take printout…i typed everything and got Notarized.

    • Not a problem. But if you have applied for a passport, please take that slip with you. And you don’t need to take your surety’s PAN Card with you. Just an attested copy.

    • For ID proof, you can use self-attested Voter ID, PAN Card, Driving License. For address proof, you can use self-attested Ration Card, electricity bill or landline bill. If you didn’t get your passport, take the slip with you. Passport is not mandatory but it’s better to get it ASAP!

  7. Anna please tell me can i keep my bank passbook as a address proof.? In that my passport size photo is there and that address is correct for BGC also… Also please tell me can i keep IT return for the year 2011 for the surety? Since for this year IT return will come late for him..

    • Take it with you….but it’s not there in the list of documents that can be used as address proof in the JL_TECH annexure. The only things TCS says that you can use for address proof are – (a) Ration Card (b) Electricity Bill (c) Landline Telephone Bill (Mobile ph bill not acceptable) (d) House Lease Agreement (e) Valid Passport……so try to use any of these only! And if your joining is in 2012, you can keep the attested copy of the last year’s (2011) IT returns. No need to take the original with you.

  8. hello sir, i have a doubt ,, is passport a mandatory one.. because i dont have enough proof 2 get my passport .. now only im arranging for my address proof. will it be a problem?

    • Passport is not mandatory but it is better if you apply for one soon. It is necessary if you have to go onsite (out of India) some day. For address proof, you can use any one of the following: (a) Ration Card (b) Electricity Bill (c) Landline Telephone Bill (Mobile ph bill not acceptable) (d) House Lease Agreement

  9. Is it mandatory to fill all the details in the service agreement with pen?Can’t we write it at the time of printing or typing?

    • You should have been more careful…but I don’t think it will create a problem. It’s all fine as long as the content is correct!

  10. hi thnks for info.. very useful..

    1.) actually TCS gv 6 to 7 pages as format.. but i gt my Service agreement gt printed for about 8 pages
    (page 1: 100 rs stamp paper — only those 3 lines as given by tcs …
    page 2 to 7 : content of SA
    page 8 : Surety verification form… ) i hvnt change anycontent or clauses…

    while i gv for printing in dtp , they gv 1.5 line spacing & it leads to 8 pages………………
    will it b a problem.. will they accept in trivanrum TCS?????

    2.) i got witness sign in blue pen… is it must to gt in green pen… and is it must tht the witness must be a gazzerted officer???

  11. hi thnks for info.. very useful..

    1.) actually TCS gv 6 to 7 pages as format for SA.. but i gt my Service agreement gt printed for 8 pages
    (page 1: 100 rs stamp paper — only those 3 lines as given by tcs …
    page 2 to 7 : content of SA
    page 8 : Surety verification form… )
    i hvnt change anycontent or clauses…

    while i gv for printing in dtp , they gv 1.5 line spacing & it leads to 8 pages………………
    will it b a problem.. will they accept in trivanrum TCS?????

    2.) i got witness sign in blue pen… is it must to gt in green pen… and is it must tht the witness must be a gazzerted officer???

    • I would recommend that you fill up everything with pen. And as for the printing, it is uncertain if that would create a problem, because Service Agreement is an important thing and you’re not supposed to change ANYTHING (that includes page numbers). My coordinator told me this when I had this doubt. It is better not to take risk and this time get the pages computer printed. Just go to the cybercafe and get pages 2-7 printed on A4 pages. Simple! 🙂

      As for the witness, it doesn’t matter if you use blue pen, green pen or black pen. And anyone can be a witness except people with blood relations. Your neighbour can be a witness!

        • yes, it will be a problem. Get your birth certificate translated. That’s the permanent solution. Temporary solution is the Rs. 20 stamp paper notarized affidavit!

  12. My name in my school and college certificates is gurupal singh dang while in id proofs such as passport and pan card is gurpal singh.What can i do regarding this,please help?

    • You will most probably need a notarized affidavit saying that the two names belong to the same person. I suggest that you call up your ILP coordinator and ask for the most correct solution. That way you’ll be confident and can avoid any confusion! 🙂

  13. hii.. is it compulsory that we hv to fill details in Service Agreement & non Crimal Afft. with pen????
    plzzzzz reply.. will they accept printed details @ trivandrum TCS

    • It is recommended that you fill it up with pen coz you don’t have an idea if the ILP center will accept printed details or not. If your ILP center is Trivandrum, then please fill up the details with pen and be very careful with your documentation as they are very strict!!

  14. Hi .. which data card ll b better @ trivandrum… Reliance or Tata photon plus?? or anyother… plz reply….

    • I used to use BSNL 3G but most of my friends used Tata Photon and it was good! 🙂 you’ll face some network problems with everything..for that you might have to move about here and there to check where you’re getting maximum coverage! And as for mobile connection, please don’t take Docomo. Airtel or Idea is best there!

  15. helo…kindly clarify my doubt…is post master a gazetted officer ?can attestation in certificates can be got from any1 in post office ?what s a demy paper?it s same as legal sheet(the one which will be green in colour and long)?i have applied fr date of birth certificate now oly…so i have not yet applied for passport…s t mandatory to have passport wit me wen i join..?my joining date s july 23rd…reply soon….

    • Okay, you have a lot of doubts! 😀

      1st, Gazetted officer means servant of the Government and there are many ranks of Gazetted Officers. Only Class I and class II ranks of Gazetted Officers can attest documents. Please see to find out if any of these are in your area. You can ask your father about them. A principal of a Government school/ college or a BDO can also attest your documents. I got mine attested by the Agricultural Officer in my area.

      2nd, Demy Paper is the long, green, court paper. You only need to print the 2nd and 3rd pages of Non-Criminal Affidavit on these pages.

      3rd, make sure you get your Birth Certificate on time. Don’t forget to get attested copies of them.

      4th, Passport is not a mandatory document but please apply for it soon. You might need it during your employment.

      I hope this helps! 🙂 Please ask if you have further doubts!

    • Since Service Agreement is a bond between TCS and you and has nothing to do with the court, you can get pages 2-7 printed on A4 size papers. It will not cost much. I have not seen other ILP friends print the Service Agreement on demy paper, so it’s better to print them on normal pages.

  16. i am unable to arrange surety for my service agreement, so I want to know the detail formalities of making service agreement,instead of taking any surety, please tell me the method of depositing money (Rs.50000) in favour of tcs, and if i will deposit money then any other surety sign is needed or not.

    And in the service agreement from total 7 clauses which clause should be filled and which one should be left blank in case i submit 50000 FD.

    • Depositing the Rs. 50,000 is pretty complicated. Having a surety and filling up the surety verification form is much simpler, don’t you think? Any income tax payee can be a surety. Your father, friend’s father, relative, neighbour can be your surety. If you have a surety, no need to fill up Clause No. 3 in Service Agreement (don’t delete the clause).

      If you still want to know about the deposition, you have to fill up Clause No. 3. You have to submit a Fixed Deposit Receipt to TCS. The fixed deposit should be in ANY of the following:

      1) Joint account between TCS and you
      2) In your name either assigned to TCS
      3) Lieu noted in favour of TCS.

      If you don’t have a surety, you will have to bring the fixed deposit slip! I suggest that you get someone to be your surety. All this will become less complicated.

  17. Anna , I joined in ILP TRIVANDRUM on JUN-25. Weekly once diagnostics going on… My result is positive only. Now oracle going on.. After two weeks some of the batches including us moving chennai. Will they keep remedials if we didnt perform well?? since oracle seems tough .. Will it continue after we moved to chennai also??

    • It is possible but it is better if that person is not related to you. Get it attested by some other gazetted officer to be sure! 🙂

  18. Sir i have a problem with my fathers name… It is GURBHEJ SINGH on my birth certificate and GURBHEJ on my +2 certificate as well as my degree dmc’s .. I am from icse board . And board people say that name cannot be corrected… So will that create problem for me in joining tcs ?

    • No, it will not create a problem. As long as YOUR name is fine, it won’t be a problem anywhere! 🙂 Because such doubts are very confusing, you can also call up your ILP coordinator to be sure and then leave a comment here to let others know! 😀

  19. Sir i don’t have my 11th marksheet with me as our school didnt provide us the marksheet it was just like they told us the marks, so as we have filled marks of 11th class in application form of tcs do we need it or not ??????

  20. i have a doubt in filling my name in SA. that is in all my documents, my name with initial(S.Rajalakshmi) is there.but as for TCS i had given(Rajalakshmi subramaniyan).
    now doubt is,should i keep whch 1 in my SA?.
    hope u understand!!

  21. whatever is to be written in the blanks on the first page of service agreement, i have typed it. rest of the pages i left it blank and filled with blue pen. Is that fine?

    • Do you know if your ILP center accepts printed details? Unless you know that, it is safe to fill up any blank with pen 🙂 Since you have already done it, please call up your ILP coordinator and clear it. After all, many centers don’t accept printed details.

  22. sir in my pancard my name was spelled correctly but my dad’s name was misspelled. i want to join for ILP on august 8. Will it create any problem? if yes they what is the solution? kindly reply me..

  23. sir in my pancard my name was spelled correctly but my dad’s name was misspelled. i want to join for ILP on august 8. Will it create any problem? if yes they what is the solution? kindly reply me..

    • Doesn’t matter. At least, YOUR name is spelled correctly in your PAN card. But, if your father is your surety, make sure his name is not misspelled in his PAN Card. Also check if his signature in your Surety Verification form matches with that done in his PAN Card. These could create trouble and you have to go for a notarized affidavit.

  24. What is the consequence of any docs or SA getting rejected at TCS?? Does it happen more often??
    Plz dont rate me as a pessimist..:)

    • It is very rare but TCS will give you enough time to get a correct one! 🙂 Just follow the guidelines in the annexure and you’ll be fine!

  25. yeah I read ur previous comments recommending it.But,Unfortunately most of my relatives are I am forced to it..Wat are the complications with FD???

    • Well, the whole bank account thing is much more painstaking than finding a surety, you know! I don’t know the process of this exactly. You have to submit a Fixed Deposit Receipt to TCS. The fixed deposit should be in ANY of the following:

      1) Joint account between TCS and you
      2) In your name either assigned to TCS
      3) Lieu noted in favour of TCS.

      If you don’t have a surety, you will have to bring the fixed deposit slip during your joining! 🙂

    • you don’t need a surety if you are going for FD!! If you don’t leave TCS within the 2 years bond, you’ll get the entire Rs. 50,000 amount back with interest!!

    • yes 🙂 and take the FD slip with you!! if you are still unsure about surety’s signature, you can call up the ILP helpline!! But as far as I know, people go for FD when they don’t have a surety!

  26. Sir I have doubt in my Birth Certificate. My BC is in local language.Whether English translation of BC given by notary club lawyer will be accepted or else what i have to do sir?

    • Apply for a new birth certificate or get your birth certificate translated from the Municipal Corporation ASAP. Getting a notarized affidavit is only a temporary arrangement.

  27. My father is in bank and my current address keeps on changing and i don’t have any proof regarding current address. and for permanent address i have only license, aadhar card and bank passbook. what should i do??

  28. TCS ask for some affidavit regarding address proof if we don’t have any address proof … will it work??

    • I’m not sure about that, my friend! I think it is possible just like a person can be a surety for two people! Still, I’ll advise that you call up your ILP coordinator and clear this doubt! 🙂 The number will be in your joining mail!

  29. ya ya sure my dear friend…I at last found a surety juz bcoz of ur advice…keeping 50000 rs dormant in FD is nt a advisable option definitely…

    • Congrats! Do not forget to keep attested copies of your surety’s PAN Card (with the signature matching on your form with that in his PAN card) AND attested copy of latest IT returns. Now finish the documentation work quickly! 😀

  30. I completed my first phase training in trivandrum without any remedials… what will be the next phase? most of our batches were released from trivandrum to chennai now… How about the next phase brother?? can u explain me?

    • The next phase is the project phase! You’ll be divided into teams and different modules will be allocated. You have to start right from requirement gathering and continue till the Change Request (CR) phase! 🙂

    • Gazetted officer means servant of the Government and there are many ranks of Gazetted Officers. Only Class I and class II ranks of Gazetted Officers can attest documents. Please see to find out if any of these are in your area. A principal of a Government school/ college or a BDO can also attest your documents. I got mine attested by the Agricultural Officer in my area.

  31. thanks for the info…:). on my birth certificate my father’s name was misspelled just a single letter i.e instead of nagendra its nagendhra will it be any problem??? if so could u give me any solution….
    and does the surety’s name on SA should be same as it is in the pan card??

    • No problem with the birth certificate! As long as YOUR name, date of birth and place of birth is correct, it’s okay! Surety’s name and signature should match with that done in his PAN card. Otherwise, you’ll need a notarized affidavit on a Rs 20 stamp paper. You can also ask your surety to get his PAN card corrected if you have 2-3 months time in your hands.

    • get a notarized affidavit on a Rs 20 stamp paper saying that the two persons are same. If you have any other Identity card other than Voter ID..where your name is correct, you can also use that.

    • It will be a little hectic! You’ll also get to learn other technologies now that you get into a project. It might be difficult at first but it’ll be easy once you are comfortable. There will be a lot of work to do so people will remain all busy to complete the coding and documentation 🙂

    • Apply for a new one! If you don’t have time in your hands, go for a notarized affidavit on a Rs 20 stamp paper, which is only a temporary arrangement. I suggest that you apply for a new one ASAP!

  32. I have a birth certificate but dont have my name on it ….and the problem is according to the laws of municipal corporation name cannot be added in the birth certificate after 15 years of age……when i asked them enter my name they gave me a letter sayiin that “this certificate belongs to this person and we canoot write his/her name under section….” will tcs people understand about this thing or not?

    • Go for a new birth certificate. Many of my batchmates have done it. Notarized affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper is a temporary thing and you should apply for a new birth certificate!

      • Even if i apply for new one then even name will not be written (according to the municipal corporation )over there so which means there is no way out to write the name on the birth certificates until and unless i pay some bribe or do some illegal work for that…….any suggestions??….

        • Haven’t heard of anything like that! 😦 You can get a good BC through some internal agent! Your name will be there and also you will get it faster. Pay some extra money and get the right BC! It will save you from a lot of hassle during your joining! 🙂

  33. ya Zim s right..Y editing the old..Jus apply for then new one saying the old is lost…For Instance urself print exactly in the format of old BC wid ur name on it and get is this kinda arrangement is oly temporary..

  34. I want to do some changes regarding my address details, my mother’s name and my passport number as i wrongly entered them at time of registration… will they allow me to change the details or it would create some problem?????

  35. The gap in NCA for “employed as” is too short. Didn’t recognise it earlier. Already printed. Will it be any problem if I put A.S.E.-Trainee in short instead of Assistant System Engineer – Trainee?

  36. But the full name won’t fit in such small space even in small handwriting. Will the NCA get rejected if I give it in short form? Did you ever find any cases of NCA rejection?

  37. Hi Zim, I’m submitting the following documents of surety’s.
    1. PAN card attested by his bank manager
    2. Form 16 signed by his employer
    3. In surety verification form, bank manager has signed at the place of “Signature verification by competent authority”.

    Is the last one correct and is it enough if I submit the above mentioned copies as an annexure to the SA.

    • If you want an experience proof, you’ll have to pay the bond money. If you join any other company/ get in CAT/ GATE before leaving TCS and don’t need the experience, you’re fine! However, when you’re found absconding, you’ll be in the TATA companies black list for not having paid the bond money.

  38. For NON CRIMINAL AFFIDAVIT, I have printed the first paragraph on a Rs100 e-stamp paper and the 2nd paragraph and six clauses on back of it. I have taken the printout of last page (witness page) and attached to it.
    Is it OK?

    • I am afraid that I’m unaware of that. However I’ve also come to know that you don’t have to pay the bond money if you abscond (run away from TCS and don’t come back 😛 ) but your name will be in the TATA companies black list, i.e you won’t be able to get a job in any TATA organization. I don’t know if this is true. So, be careful and take your decisions wisely.

  39. hey my ILP is trvdm..just wanna cnfm dat can we type all d details of address affidavit n gap affidavit and take a printout of it on 20rs stamp paper or firstly v have to take the printout and then fill d details with pen(as v use to do with SA and NCA)??

  40. Sir i’m joining at TCS trivandrum. i have following doubts
    1) in my non-crimainal affidavit the blanks are printed . And in the space employement as Assistant System Engineer is written instead of Assistant System Engineer-Trainee. If it will work or not ?
    2) there is a spelling mistake on my pan card. what should i do ?

    • Trivandrum is a strict ILP center.

      1) Change the NCA and fill the blanks with pen. They don’t accept printed details.
      2) You’re supposed to write Assistant Systems Engineer-Trainee only. Your designation is mentioned in your offer and joining letter.
      3) If there’s a spelling mistake in your PAN card, go for a correction immediately. If you don’t have time, get a notarized affidavit on Rs. 20 stamp paper!


  41. Bro..Asking dis question again just to confirm..Can a person be Surety for two of us…Are u very sure abt dat???

  42. hi zim….my name on all documents is same except passpoert as i hav added surname in my passport…there gonna be any problem regarding this???

    • No problem. Anyway, passport is not a mandatory document. If you’re using it for any ID/ Address proof, then you can keep a notarized affidavit (Rs. 20) handy in case TCS has the urge to ask you! 😛

  43. thanks ..i have given my pan card for correction. they have given me a receipt… will be fine or not? or i should get an affidavit?

  44. My last name is misspelled in pan card. and my joining date is on 25th sept. Whether it would be sufficient to make an affidavit (considering I hav not enough time for PAN correction). or it would create any problem?

    • Apply for a PAN card correction. In the meantime, make an affidavit. If you get your corrected PAN card during ILP also, you can submit it then! Keep copies of your original PAN card for opening the bank account!

  45. hi bro,
    i am yet to receive one of my semester mark list and i have to join(tcs) within a week… so what could be ur advice and i don’t have even my provisional certificate!

    • Get a signed written application from your University! Most universities give you a provisional certificate, which is temporary. I think the University can issue that immediately. Get that attested by the college principal or Stream HOD!

  46. Dear Zim, I got my Surety Signature..He gave me some form entoitled as ” ITR-V Acknowledgement AY 2012-2012″ as the proof of dat valid???

  47. Dear Zim, I got my Surety Signature..He gave me some form entitled as ” ITR-V Acknowledgement AY 2012-2012″ as the proof of dat valid???

    • I don’t have an idea about that. Please talk to your landlord! 🙂 It’s better that you go for a surety with Income Tax payee instead of a land property owner! All these things can be confusing and full of doubts!

  48. hi i have done my surety’s agreement and my father is my surety and he is a former but unfortunately he don’t have the pan card and we have applied for it will the TCS people will give me the time to submit the surety’s pan card ?

  49. sir tell me one thing tcs does not allow improvemnt marks and m suffer from same case plzz tell my future in dark does bcg verfiy the 10 marksheet ??? plzz give best soloution that i will safe my job…i think in bcg they check background u r
    adresss ???

    • Don’t worry! As long as you are eligible to be in TCS, everything is fine! In BGC, they pay a visit to your address and verify if you stay there. Once verified, they’ll call you up to let you know!

  50. sir but what to do they dont allow improvement marks with out improvement i have got 58.6 sir plzz tell clearly bcg verify the marskheeet r they simply visit the adresss and check i living r not??

    • They’ll verify your marksheet anyway! Maybe not during BGC! But, it is a part of your eligibility. How come they didn’t verify your percentage during your interview?

    • I am assuming that you have submitted your location preferences. Your location choice will be considered keeping in mind the project requirements, resources needed, your stream in ILP, etc. You may get any one of the three preferences or a completely different one.

    • They may or they may not! Usually, they don’t think about checking the percentages after joining, as that is checked during the interview process. But, if your marks is less, they might get suspicious!

  51. Hey bro, I hav a doubt regarding NCA…
    1)Whether the format is to be maintained for NCA??
    2)There is a blank where we shud fill our designation,Is it fine to mention it as ASE or the full form needed??

    • 1) The entire NCA won’t fit in the stamp paper. So, print the first two paras on stamp paper and the six clauses on demy (court) paper. In another demy paper, print the witness page.

      2) ASE-Trainee is fine, But, it is better if you can fit the full form in small, neat handwriting. Write in CAPS for clarity. Even I did it! They don’t mind that! If you aren’t sure how to fit it, print the page on a simple A4 size sheet and fill it with pencil to see which works best.

  52. Kk bro..I tuk print out as ,the first 2 paras n 2 clauses on the bond 4 clauses on the demi paper and the witnesses on the thiird..Will there be any problem??

  53. hey Zim,
    i had a one year gap in my studies in 2009-10.I made a gap affidavit for the same in 2010 for some professional purpose. Do i need to make a new one now or the old gap affidavit would suffice? 🙂

  54. hi bro,
    can we get the facility to fill up the criminal affidavit(few fields) and B.G.C at the ILP center by consulting the ILP cordinators?
    and one more problem is i have a permanent address(own house) but never stayed over there but i gave this as my permanent address in few forms for T.C.S(while filling the application and Service agreement) and in N.S.R but if they verify for B.G.C WHAT TO DO???
    or shall i change my present to permanent address if possible???

    • BGC form has to be filled online after joining! Just have the BGC supporting documents with you. You can fill NCA by consulting your friends or mailing your ILP coordinator, If you’re in doubt, you can fill it up in the last moment by consulting others. You can’t keep a few fields empty and get that notarized and then take it to your ILP coordinator! Most notaries don’t attest unless you have filled everything. Don’t disclose that you haven’t stayed there. In BGC, they come to your permanent address and talk to your parents to verify the address! If your parents don’t stay there, that’ll be a problem!

  55. “This assessment has been modified since you submitted it. Please consult your instructor if you find any discrepancies”…Wat does this Statement mean in ASPIRE???Indicated by *

  56. hi bro,
    in the NCA what should i fill in the (vide Offer Letter dated ……………), and in the last page which date should i write in (IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have put my signature on this undertaking on this …………day of ……………….) should it be the day when i have got it notarized,, then even the witness dates should be earlier to that date??

  57. I have made my NCA affadavit on a 100RS e-stamp paper and got it notarised.But I have not written a single line of content of NCA on the stamp paper itself.Rather I have just attached the 2 pages of NCA alongwith the e-stamp paper & got it notarised on all the pages.Will there be a problem.My ILP centre is Trivandrum.The same is the case with my Gap year affadavit and address proof affadavit.
    In service agreement I told the shopkeeper to write 2-3 lines of the agreement on the stamp paper itself and he did that.So do I need to make the other affadvits again or will they be considered.All the 4 stamp papers are purchased in my name.

    • Content should start from the stamp paper. If this is not done, chances are high that it will get rejected. As Trivandrum is a very strict ILP center when it comes to documents and I haven’t seen any case with e-stamp papers, I suggest that you call up your ILP coordinator (number is in your joining mail) and clarify the situation 🙂

  58. Hi I have typed My name in NCA instead of leavng a blank. I called the helpline also they told me it was Okay. But my fellow students are scaring me to redo it. What should I do. Only my name is printed all other blanks are filled with pen. Please help

    • I suggest that you make a new one and fill all the blanks (__________) with pen. It is important to maintain consistency. In case they reject it, you’ll be in trouble! Sometimes, the helplines can’t provide the right solutions coz different ILP centers accept different formats!

  59. can i cut the 3rd clause in non criminal affidavit.i.e the or clause that i wasnt employed previously.and notarize it then.actually i already did that.

  60. hi, i wanted to know whether we need to get any seal and sign from the local police station and from my college on the Non criminal affidavit.??? reply soon

  61. Hi my training is in Chennai and I need to be in Chennai on 22 September. Plz answer to my queries.

    1)All my documents (marks card, PAN card…) are attested by a PU college Principal. Seal containing his designation and college name is in English but he has put one more seal (containing the word VERIFIED) in my local language (Kannada). Will they accept it?

    2)To be on the safer side, I have two more sets that are attested by my stream HOD but he has signed in blue ink pen. Does it cause any problem? Plz answer to both the queries.

    3)My surety’s PAN card, form 16, verification form has been attested by his BANK MANAGER but they too are in blue ink. Is this OK?

    4)Which are the BGC supporting documents?

    • 1) No problem as long as the attestation is proper!
      2 and 3) Always get documents attested by a Gazetted Officer or Principal of a Government school/ college. Attestation can be done using blue/black/green…any pen, it doesn’t matter!

      4) Please read the annexure properly for BGC documents. The required documents are also mentioned in this post.

  62. i did a fixed deposit of 50,000 amount which is assigned to tcs ltd. I want to know the original fixed deposit slip/receipt is to be attested by gazetted officer/bank manager or not ?

  63. In my non criminal affidavit lawyer filled all my details in blank spaces using his green ink pen.actually it should have done by myself.will it create any problem
    reply immediatly its urgent advance thanks……….

  64. Thanks a lot zim for such useful information. I have a query.
    Me and 2 of my friends lived together on rent in jaipur for about a year. We got the House Lease agreement made. But the document we made had the name of my friend.(not mine)

    But during filling up the TCS form and also NSR, I entered my present address as the one in jaipur.
    Now as the agreement doesn’t have my name, how do i get the address proof of that.

      • Yes bills are there, but they have my friend’s father name. Again of no use. Can I get an affidavit stating that I was staying with my friend and get it signed by House Owner and attach the rent agreement( which is in my friend’s name). Man this address proof is driving me crazy. Plz suggest something.

  65. i have a problem regarding NCA,…i have done mistake while writing ASE-Trainee and used whitener on that and written correct thing over that ….nd nw i ll notarize that …..will dis be ok…..

  66. Hi Zim, while filling TCS application form, I filled permanent address same as my present address at that time, but permanent address is different. Should I change the address before joining?
    One more doubt……I have changed my home few months back but my passport has the old address on it. Does all the documents presented in TCS are required to be in accordance with passport?

  67. hi Zim…..In my pan card only Firstname is printed…..whereas other documents i have my complete name……will it create problem during joining??

  68. I normally used two types of signature, my signature in PAN card,Service agreement and undertaking same but different in passport…and i have forgot that even i signed or not on any TCS document at time of the recruitment.And if a have signed then which plz tell me what should i do now….

  69. hey hi……While filling the application form of tcs i had given 2 different addresses 1 permanent address and the other present address……i have the proof of present address and dont stay in permanent address….permanent address is my aunts house which i gave because if tcs people post some documents they should reach safely…….and i got joining letter with permanent address…is it ok if i gave proof of my present address????

    • when asked for your permanent address, write your aunt’s address and give your address as present! Make sure you let your aunt know that when TCS people come to verify whether you stay there or not, she should say yes along with reasons as of why you stay there! This is a part of TCS’s background check process!

      If you haven’t filled any joining documents yet, you can give any address you wish, but I recommend that you give the one in which you have stayed for a maximum period of 10 years!

  70. Yes bills are there, but they have my friend’s father name. Again of no use. Can I get an affidavit stating that I was staying with my friend and get it signed by House Owner and attach the rent agreement( which is in my friend’s name). Man this address proof is driving me crazy. Plz suggest something.

  71. anna i dont have pan card i have applied for it but i will get it by oct15 and my joining is oct 08 is it any problem while at the time of joining please help me anna …….

  72. My birth certificate doesn’t have my name in it…the space is blank over there, since it was done before my naming……and also I’ve my passport!! as U know birth certificate is must for passport, had no trouble over there….but here its mentioned “If your birth certificate is not in English, or your name/place of birth/date of birth is missing, it is recommended that you apply for a new one before it’s too late.” Is it ok with TCS or should I’ve to apply for new one?? no much time left so… me out 🙂

  73. I had printed the first page of Service Agreement on stamp paper and the rest of the document in A4 pages but at the time of printing the stamp paper moved little bit n its nt printed in proper way…
    i want to know that it will create any problem or it is ok..?

    • depends on how much improper it is! Most centers want it to be just as it is given in the soft copy. If due to alignment problems, it moved a bit, I think it’s fine, as long as the content and format is kept the same 🙂

  74. under the “description” category in the e-stamp,i have just specified as bond for both the e stamps(ie agreement and non-criminal undertaking).Is it ok or i have to particularly provide descriptions for the 2 bonds??

      • Sir, i am a red-green colorblind….do i need to mention it in medical certificate..? Will it create any problem in joining?

          • Sir….in the medical certificate they have askd “whether u can distinguish btween red and green”…although i can distinguish btween red and green…but at times i find some trouble in distinguish when the shades are very similar…so what should i write there…yes or no…???

          • Then give yes if you CAN tell the difference! On the other hand, it also depends on whether you can distinguish most of the time. In that case, you should give no! Ask your optician for the correct advice! 🙂

  75. hi…i have one query….in my permanent address i have mention my present address and i m staying here for last 3 years is it create any problem at the time of BGC…

    • A marksheet which has all the semester GPA/ percentages in one place! Usually your college provides that or you have to demand one from them!

  76. sir in my all documents there is no SURNAME mentioned but during the registration for TCS it was mandatory to fill so i have filled. ll it be a problem sir

  77. hi,,,i have to join ILP on 22nd of oct in hydbd …..but i don’t have my last sem marks card….but i have taken xerox of dat n it is attested from university…..n i have taken Provisional degree certificate… so it is ok or dey ll create any prblm…????

      • no … i have taken extract of mark sheet which is same as original but its a xerox of dat… which is attested From university…

        • I suggest that you talk to your ILP coordinator. Queries such as marksheet missing or late can be considered if they give you the provision. That’ll solve your problem! 🙂

  78. hiiii… pls clear my doubt 🙂
    In the NCA :
    1. offer letter dated_____ —-> it is the date mentioned on offer letter right?
    2.TCSL offer reference No. _____—->is it the refno. given in our offer letter?
    something like this—–>TCSL/CT2011*******/Bangalore

  79. hi zim,my doj is 22nd oct,hyderabad….i’ve attested all the necessary documents but the seal in the attestation is in the local language i.e kannada….is it mandatory that the seal must be in english?kindly reply fast…..time is running fast…

  80. i have a doubt…..the gazetted officer signed on surety verification form and other documents should be same or is it ok if they are different? in my case—- In surerty verification form different gazetted officer has signed and surety s pan card ,form 16 and other documents different gazetted officer has signed…because the one who signed on surety verification form was not free to do on the other documents……..please reply for this its urgent…i have to join on 22 of this month….

  81. hi….i have doubt in surety verification form we have to take a signature of competent authority
    or we have just attested it…..????

  82. hello sir in service aggrement that download from ILP corner in that first page contain only 3 lines but we type first page and second half page on stamp paper. is there any trouble at time of joining
    ply sir reply

  83. hello sir,….name on the marksheet,pan card is chiragkumar kanubhai patel but we prepare service aggrement at name of chirag kanubhai patel. is there any problem at time of joining??????
    pls reply

  84. hello sir format that given by ILP on service aggrement ,in that first page contain three line that are

    this agrement made at mumbai on this 1.(_______)day of 2(______) two thousand and 3(______)
    between tata consultancy service limited

    but i type above line and half page of the second page sooo please tell me is there any problem in joining time

  85. hello sir in my marksheet and pan card ,election card ,driving liceance name is chiragkumar kanubhai patel but in my passport name is chirag kanubhai patel…. in the service aggrement which name should be write please tell me

    • 1) Passport is not a mandatory document. If you are using it as some address/ID proof, then you’ll need a notarized affidavit. And, write your full name in Service Agreement.

      2) The first 2 or 3 lines of service agreement (as given in the 1st page) should be on Rs. 100 stamp paper. Rest of the pages should be printed on plain A4 pages. Please do not change the number of lines. Print/ type exactly as given!

  86. Hi zim,
    I got my Joining letter and i have to report at Trivandrum center in dec. I wanna ask about the birth certificate because the date of birth and address differs the 10th or 12th marksheets. what is another option for birth certificate.
    One more thing is that there a change in address which i have submitted to tcs and my present address. how can i correct them? what should i do??

    • 1) Get a new birth certificate. TCS will want to see the original even if you make a Rs. 20 notarized affidavit.
      2) Write a mail to the ILP customer care or call them up! They’ll tell you what you can do about the address.

  87. hey friend for NCA i will have to go police station for seal and sign or not…………
    copy of document can attested by advocate or not?????????

  88. hello sir name on the surety pan card is hiteshbhai A patel and income tax return name is hiteshkumar A patel which of the name should be write on a service aggrement pls reply

  89. hello sir,,,,i have applied for pan card but now i have not receive it is there any problem at time of joining??????

    • 1) Write your full name on the service Agreement. Make a notarized affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper and keep it with you to avoid any problems.
      2) For NCA, you have to do nothing. Just get it signed and sealed by a notary public in court.

  90. Sir, during the registration i had given my name with surname. but all my documents consisting only my name with initial.To fill SA, which name i should use… is any problem in it..? kindly .., guide me sir..

    • write your full name in the service agreement. To be safe, make a notarized affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper saying that both the names belong to the same person.

  91. hai…..i have downloaded the service agreement from next step portal which is given in the pdf format…… i hav taken the print out too….is it sufficient to reprint onli the first page on a stamp paper ?? can i use the rest of papers which i took the printout, to attach with the stamp paper………??? or do i have to reprint the whole document again on A4 sheets………

    • For the first page, buy a Rs. 100 stamp paper and get the 2 or 3 lines printed. Get the rest of the pages printed on normal A4 pages. Fill them up with pen. That’s it! 🙂

  92. please help me bro ,what and how can i fill these thinks?
    1).Name , Address, Occupation ( of the surety)

    _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

    _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

    2).i got my pan card, in that pan card photo is not so much clear but somewhat k , is it make any problem bro?
    3).If my performance during ilp falling short of the required standard, is terminate my services? Else anything happened like this before?

    • I’m sorry for the late reply. My Internet connection wasn’t so good this entire week! 😦 Here’s the solution:

      1) Write vertically. Name in the first column, address in the 2nd column and occupation in the 3rd column.

      2) As long as you have a PAN card, that’s enough. Just don’t use it for ID proof.

      3) I hope you will not fail coz they hardly ever fail anyone. They always have room for improvement. You have to work hard to perform well. That’s why you should utilize the time before ILP to gain as much knowledge as possible. If you are a weak student during ILP, you’ll be given Remedial (extra assignments, extra time, extra help if you need). If on the 55th day of ILP, you are not able to clear Remedials, you’ll be given LAAP (exra 15 days work after completion of ILP). After that, if you’re still not performing well, you’ll be sent to the HR who’ll find out what exactly your problem is!

  93. sir my name with initial is correct in all document i.e, voter id,pan card,birth certificate.. but my father name is misspelled(2 letters) in all these documents.. all are diff.. what can i do??

    • Get a notarized affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper mentioning that all the names belong to the same person. If you have enough time, go for a correction.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog! 😀 You don’t need a college leaving certificate! Just a provisional/degree certificate from your university and a consolidated marksheet from your college, mentioning the marks in each semester 🙂

  94. Thanks for the prompt reply sir…I have two more queries….

    1) I have individual semester mark sheet issued by the university( Mumbai university) but we don’t have a system of consolidated mark sheet as in Tamil Nadu…So can you tell me what I should do….

    2) I am having a similar problem like most of your readers in address proof…My dad was in transferable job and we kept on moving from one place to another…as a result I haven’t stayed at a place for more than 2 years…now I am presently staying at a place which we are planning to continue for some more years…I want to give this place as my permanent address…is it ok?Now when they come for BGC, what should my parents say…. is it ok if they say that we are living here only since past 1 year??

    • 1) Just ask you college to provide a printout (with your college’s logo on top) which will contain marks of individual semesters and the final DGPA. Underneath, there should be a sign by your principal. You have to explain this to them and request them to give it!

      2) Better tell them the truth. Take with you all the address proofs of all the addresses that you have stayed in the past 7 years. Better, you can call up your ILP coordinator and ask them what to do because BGC is a very important part of TCS joining.

  95. sir i used ink rubber to erase signature mistake on service agreement stamp paper….nd den resigned correctly…is it okk..will der b any prob ????
    my trainin centre is trivandrum.pls reply quickly..urgent

  96. I have 2 queries about service agreement and non criminal stamp papers..
    1)Is it mandatory to affidavit or notarized the service agreement..

    2) I didnt understand about non criminal stamp paper. It should affidavit. Or It should be notarized Or affidavit as well as notarized..

    Plz reply and Thanks

    • 1) No need to notarize the Service Agreement.

      2) Non-criminal should also be printed on a Rs. 100 stamp paper purchased in your name. Since you can’t fit the three pages in that stamp paper, you can do this. Start the text on the stamp paper and print two paras. Buy any colored demy paper (court paper) and print the 6 clauses on one demy paper and the witness page on another demy paper. Fill in the blanks with pen and get these 3 pages notarized by a notary public in court. Done!

      NOTE- Go to the court and ask them for demy papers. They are also available in shops where they do DTP and printing of court documents. If demy paper is not available in your area, you can print them on simple A4 pages.

  97. Hello madam ,

    Can we get the surety verification form attested by a bank manager ( a family friend of our) of any nationalized bank or should it be from a bank where the surety holds an account?

    • Get your surety verification form attested by the bank manager of a nationalized bank where the surety holds an account. Alternatively, it can also be attested by a gazetted officer!

  98. Alternatively, If we are getting the surety verification form attested by the surety’s employer ( which is allowed according to joining annexure), can we get form 16 also attested by the same employer??

  99. Hi……….
    There is a query regarding my name in the application form. All my legal documents,marksheets,certificates and degrees contain NISHA as my name and I do not carry my father’s surname but in the application form it was mandatory to fill the surname. So,I added my father’s surname there and my name in application form is NISHA SHARMA. Now my offer letter and joining letter has my name as NISHA SHARMA.I mentioned this problem regarding my surname during my technical and HR interviews as well. They said there will not be any problem.

    Now my joining is in DECEMBER and I have to prepare all my documents. The query is whether I should enter my name NISHA as it is in all my documents or NISHA SHARMA as I have
    written in TCS application form. Your reply is eagerly awaited. Thanks

  100. Hey! SO many comments still I couldn’t clear my doubts. Can you help please. First of all my documents contain my name without surname except passport and the name itself with TCS( these have full name with surname). So do I need to get this notarised and what to fill in SA. Coz I normally do not use my surname..

    Secondly, My father fills IT returns but doesn’t pay any money. Can he be surety or is it better to have any relatives as surety. we do not mention relation anywhere.

    Thirdly in my birth certificate all the blanks i.e my name , fathers name etc are filled in my regional language. I asked at municipal corporation but they replied that they won’t do it in english (some new rule). So getting this also notarized will solve the problem???

    • 1) If you go through the SA guidelines in the annexure, they have asked you to use your full name with initials expanded. Keep the affidavit handy to avoid trouble if TCS causes any. To be completely sure, you can call up the ILP customer care.

      2) As long as your father has the IT return form, that’s enough. If you are in doubt, you can have a relative as your surety.

      3) TCS says that your birth certificate should be in English. Again, you need a Rs. 20 stamp paper affidavit, which is only a temporary arrangement. It is better if you try to get a new birth certificate.

    • I have a link in this post which gives you the format for a Rs. 20 stamp paper notarized affidavit explaining break in education due to personal reasons, self study for entrance exams etc.

  101. Sir, I have a break in my education and I want to get a medical certificate for that break… What is the actual format for that sir…

  102. hai bro!!!!!!!!!! can u do a help?????? i need word doc of service agreement pages 2 to last.. i meant entire … could u gv mw as fast as u can…. urgent plssss… wat u hav gav includes just ta data needed on stamppaper…. so gv entire word doc… plsssss mail me…

    • my dear, you need only the stamp paper word doc. All the other pages, just print it directly from the pdf they gave you. It’s that simple! You don’t have to edit a thing in there. And fill up with a pen! You are NOT supposed to edit anything!! They said that!

  103. i ve got the provisional offer from e -recruitment tcs..pune ites1 branch ,i ve got with bgc,mc forms with the acceptance letter bt i ve sent oly the acceptance letter,should i sent the bgc from along with tat,give me suggestion…

  104. Sir, I need the medical certificate format for my break it’s not available in that… Will that medical certificate for the break also requires address and photo? Or else Name and father’s name will be enough?

  105. Sir my photo on passport is not crystal clear and it gets bit blurred when i take a photocopy. Can i still use it as my address proof??

  106. sir my father is my surety bt he has different name on his pan card and IT retrn form as well as sign too..wat should i der any odr replacement doc fr surety odr than pan card….pls reply me soon wd the soln….fr diff name n sign on my docs..i hav too join tcs in next 3 days…..tcs trivandrum.

  107. Its really nice page..
    Sir i too have some prob don’t know weather it is a prob or not
    My Father’s name on Pancard is different from my other documents(Address proof, My 10th and inter certificates and others)
    Is there any problem with this issue… Kindly please reply back
    Thank you…

    • Get a notarized affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper saying that all the names belong to the same person. Just talk to the notary and he’ll understand 🙂

  108. hai,,, sir … i hav a doubt
    i got entire service agreement along with surity verfctn notarised….. any pblm???? stamp paper of service agreement also notarised… any pblm????? need to get new stamp paper????

  109. Hi…..thanks a lot… 🙂
    I have got my service agreement ready….what i want to know is that the two signatures…mine and my surety’s on each page of the service agreement requires date also? and if yes,then what should be the date…the current date or my joining date(start of ilp)…also i have a break in my studies between my graduation and pg..of one year..i ws preparing for my MCA entrance as well as pursuing MSc..i also gave the first year exams and i have my marksheet for that too…in that case can i show that marksheet? will it be counted as a break in education? do i need to make that affidavit for break in education…..ur reply is awaited…

    • 1) No date is required for this signature. You need to include date when you are self-attesting documents.
      2) Provide marksheets for additional courses done.

  110. Hi Zim,
    Iam going to make a fixed deposit as Lien noted in favor of Tata Consultancy Services Limited instead of surety.Then what are the documents that I need to take as a proof of this ?

  111. hi my question is
    1)- i had a gap of 1 year after 10+2 .do i need to get an gap affiadavit fot that?
    2) is it mandatory 2 have birth certificate in english.

  112. Hello Sir…
    My surety is my cousin. His initial in his pan card and IT saral is not same.In pancard his intial is his father’s full name and in IT saral his initial is first letter of his father”s name But his sign in surety document and pan card is same. Is it necessary to make an affidavit stating both are same person…… plz reply….

  113. hello sir,
    I have a doubt..I made my service agreement and non criminal but my address has the wing of my building missing..address proof has the wing of building mentioned..since I hav got it printed on my agreement what should i do? should i submit it as it is or make changes?..plz reply

  114. thanks……sir…i also have a doubt. My house lease agreement is in my regional language. is it required to make an agreement in english ?.

  115. Hi….what is the TCSL offer reference no. in NCA affidavit….is it the reference no. mentioned in the offer letter or the one in joining letter….both are different..please clarify….thanks in advance…

  116. Hello Zim,
    In my SA , on the first page , bottom right corner , Instead of “Page 1 of 6” , it got printed as “Page 1 to 6”
    Will it create an issue??? Please reply 🙂

  117. Hi…..hell lot of problems r there….only e-stamp papers r available here in delhi….what should i do now…..what r the procedures to b followed for that….who shud b the first and second party…and nothing can be typed on that e-stamp where shud the first page of service agreement and NCA b printed????????????please help……

  118. hi
    my question is..
    1)wd dere b any problem if the surety’s sign is different in pan card and in other supporting document (form 16) .however i have made an affiadavit for sign changing.

    2)if something goes wrong during document verification does tcs provide time to get them corrected?

    • 1) if signature/name of surety is different, an affidavit will do.
      2) If something goes wrong during documentation, TCS will provide time to get it corrected.

  119. hi.. in NCA affidavit can I delete the second part (under the OR) of 3rd clause i didn’t had any previous employment prior to joining TCS??? Kindly response for the same..

  120. I live in Government Quarters n have passport, MSEB Electricity bill n quarters order as address proof. So r these documents sufficient for address proof n for CID form I have ration card but with different address, so is it ok

  121. thanks…. 🙂
    i talked to ilp ppl and the problem is sorted now…
    if the surety’s signature on his pan card and service agreement is in hindi…will there b any problem….

  122. Hi,i had a study gap of 1 year after H.S.Is it mandatory to bring the notarized affidavit for study gap
    during my ilp joining ?,because no such thing is mentioned in my joining annexture.

  123. Sir i would like to ask that in my surety’s pan card name written is Dinesh Kumar Joshi and on surety verification i have written Dinesh do i have to get an affidavit of multiple names there? or it will be ok?

  124. hi i am anusha . im going for ilp trivandrum in a cuple of days . i am having a query pls reply soon.

    i did my mtech in 2012 and btech in 2010. i am having all my mtech sem and final marks memos . bt for btech i m nly having provisional and consolidated marks memos. not having sem certificates originals those are lost actually bt i m hving xerox of those certificates with me.

    will they ask for them also origials as i m having upper qualification as mtech, i enuired many people they said they wont ask of those final is enough and some people said that they wnt check they will ask for rupper deggree only ie mtech . pls reply it soon.

    • They check originals in front of you. I also think that only highest degree marksheets are checked. Please call up your ILP coordinator and talk to him/her. They give the best solutions for tough doubts 🙂 That way you’ll be sure and doubt-free.

  125. Hi………
    The surety for my service agreement is my father’s friend. So, what should I fill in the relationship column?In surety verification form,I have filled his relationship with me as “Friend’s daughter”. Is it fine? Also,in his itr form his office address is given but I have filled his present address everywhere in the service agreement as well as surety verification form.Will there be any problem? Do i need surety’s signature on his itr from as well? Please help.

  126. Hi,i am from 2012 batch,placed in TCS in 2011 and my joining is in Feb.My query is that ,at the time of placement 3 colleges from the same Group were participating,during the time of registration we all three colleges were told to write only the main college name(hosting college) instead of our own college name,in our offer letter also the host college name is written,after placement we also asked to the tcs Hr she told it wont be any problem.But now as we have to complete NSR and all background checking will be done,i wanted to ask will it create any problem during my joining,please reply me soon i am very much worried.

  127. hiii zim
    In NCA in column “i hv put my sign on this undertaking on this”……i wrote..6th “day of” DECEMBER 12… will this work ……….coz somone told me it had to be written as six december day of two thousand and twelve..

      • Dear ZIm,
        pls help me to get rid of birthdate problem…
        I have DOB certificate which does not contain my name and also it has birthdate(14th nov 1991) which is
        different than present in my all other documents(i.e SSC,HSC,LC,PAN card etc) which is 2nd march 1990.
        I queried my problem to TCS ILP and i got the rply that you have to revise ur DOB certificate from concerned authority.
        So, i visited Kolhapur MNC(which is my place of birth) to revise my DOB certificate but they said that “according to
        our record the info available to us is will come on ur birth certificate so we can’t revise ur certificate
        and no changes will be occur in ur birth certificate issued by us,instead u create gazett and us when u get any problem” .

        so,zim is it valid to create gazett and attached to my current erring birthdate while joining TCS?
        will they accept it bcz i don’t hv any other option?

        pls rply urgently, 2nd jan 2013 is our joining date.


        • I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to your question on time 😦 Correct birth certificate is mandatory for joining TCS 😦 Since you have already joined, they’ll be able to give you the correct solution. Hope you have a great ILP 😀

  128. i had an accident 6 months back n had a operation to fix my broken arm with a rod in it…. shud i mention it in my medical certi as i m afraid to be rejected or any problem like dat… or shud i make a medical wid no mention of operation… plz help me…26dec@tcs trivandrum

  129. hi,
    can address proof can be a landline phone bill in mothers name but surname of mother is different(i.e,mothers maiden name)
    also i have a bank pass book.can it be ok

  130. zim i passed out btech 2yers back . tll now no one askd my sem certificates i searched them some certificates are teared of some how i attched and laminated them but my 8th sem certificate was not there its missing and i am having consolidated memo ( contains 8 sem marks) and original degree will it be a problem …. pls reply i got recruited on campus through MTECH

  131. sir,my suriety name in pancard and in my documents are different,so which name i have to put in service agreement.
    and if i attested the verification form bank manager is it compulsary to carry bank passbook at ilp

    • Please give your surety’s name as given in the PAN card and IT return form. Otherwise, an affidavit is needed. For surety verification form, attestation by the bank manager is enough. You just need to carry attested copies of surety’s PAN card and It return form.

  132. hey zim i got selected in tcs .. going for training shortly.. some on said that the people who are having 60 percent .. will be removed from tcs .. it means they needs more than 60% is it true..

  133. hey
    There is any time frame between joining date and making the service aggrement?I made agreement before 30 days of joining , so it is okay or I should make new one?
    My birth certificate is in Kannada so will it create any problem?

    • There is no time frame. If your birth certificate is in local language, please get it translated or you need an affidavit for that, which is just a temporary arrangement. In the end, you’ll need the certificate in English.

  134. sir,
    is gazatted officer id proof is must for pan card correction please reply in this regard sign they are making but id proof of them they are hesitating to give please advice in this regard

    • PAN Card correction is easy. If they are asking for it, then get an ID proof attested by a Gazetted officer. That way, they’ll make it faster.

  135. hey, have to ask that only the surety verification form has to be attested or the total service agreement by the gazetted officer??

    • Try to write it with a pen. If they reject it (coz most ILP centers do), you’ll have to buy another stamp paper anyway. Otherwise, you can also talk to your ILP coordinator and get it clarified. I’m not sure if Chennai ILP accepts printed details.

  136. Can I use Voter-ID card as my Address proof? coz its not mentioned anywhere about voter-id card as an address proof and the problem is that i don’t have the other documents apar t from vpter-id card to support my cause

    • Valid address proofs are– (a) Ration Card (b) Electricity Bill (c) Landline Telephone Bill (Mobile ph bill not acceptable)
      (d) House Lease Agreement (e) Valid Passport

      but I still think Voter ID can be a valid address proof. Please contact your ILP coordinator or call up the ILP helpline to clarify 😀

  137. Hey i m having a serious problem recently in a journey i lost my original certificates. . Of SSC AND BTECH i have applid for btech they r going to give me duplicate certificates bt my SSC i dnt knw whent they wil send it .I m having xerox of that . How can i do joining now wil they reject me

    • This IS a serious problem. Please get in touch with your ILP coordinator. Just make a call and clarify. They will provide you with the clearest solution.

  138. Hi Zim,
    Your blog is too nice and very informative……
    I am having some doubts regarding documents preparation for ILP.
    My doubts are:
    I notarized the Service Agreement is there any problem with that.
    We have to take Medical certificate in Color printout or normal print is enough.
    I got Medical certificate from the doctor before one month of DOJ of ILP is there any problem with it
    My Land deed copy is in Tamil is any problem with that copy, but I have Land valuation certificate in English
    please reply as soon as possible waiting for your reply

    • 1) Service Agreement doesn’t need to be notarized.
      2) Black and white printouts are fine.
      3) Medical form should be done 2 weeks prior to joining. But I think 1 month is fine.
      4) I don’t think Land Deed language will cause a problem though I’ll advice you to get a surety for yourself and take that option. It’s easier and faster.

  139. Hey i cntactd ilp regarding lost of my SSC AND BTECH ORIGINALS they replid to get atest the xerox copies with colege hod nd u have to produce the originals before ilp ends. . . My doubt is wil they surely ask about them before ilp finishes. If i get them i could my SSC IS of state board sme people dint get even aftr 3mnths of apply . Wil they reject me after ilp if i fail 2 submit at that time. . . Pls reply wil they ask surely

  140. Hai. . I have a doubt wil it be any prob if i dint attend aspire that means if i dint take aspire test. . I am in hospital away frm my home sme prob. Wil it affect my joining

  141. Hey i cntactd ilp regarding lost ofmy SSC AND BTECH ORIGINALS they replid to get atest the xeroxcopies with colege hod nd u have to produce the originals before ilp ends. . . My doubt is wil they surely ask about them before ilp finishes. If i get them i could my SSC IS of state board sme people dint get even aftr 3mnths of apply . Wil they reject me after ilp if i fail 2 submit at that time. . . Pls reply wil they ask surely

  142. sir,in my birth certificate there is no initial with my name i.e Radha and also my mother name is written as yallamma but in my all other documents my name is correct i.e Radha H.J and my mum name as renuka and when we asked it for correction they told that they can only correct my name but not my mother name then wt i have to do sir?please reply me….

  143. hell sir,please clear my father friend is ready to put sign for surety.He is HM of government higher secondary school..he will retired on 2014.whether he can be a surety for 2 years joining date is feb7,2013

  144. While printing the service agreement,i haven’t typed the footer part.that is Tcs Confidential . rest everything is ok. will it effect ??

  145. hi,
    How do you print the service agreement? It is obvious that the first page must be typed on the PC and then printed.
    But, if we print the pdf as it is, the light numbers (for filling blanks) also get printed. So do we have to edit those numbers or print as it is?

  146. hi
    plz clarify ma doubt..i filled ma name with space as kavi priya in surety doc, but n all my original doc my name as kavipriya(without space). whetr it makes any prob?? and doc attested by govt doctor(asst civil surgeon) is valid ??

    • Please change the document since your name in all other originals are different from what you’ve given in the surety. Attestation can be done by any government employee but they too have ranks. I’m not sure about the govt. doctor but to be on the safer side, you can get it attested by a Government college Principal or govt. school headmaster.

  147. hiii…
    my name in the birth certificate has no expansion of my surname and is metioned as only an initial…..but all d other certificates have an expansion of the surname…will that cause a problm???…wt should i do??..please do suggest

  148. Hai friend i am akhil. I got placd intcs on campus through Mtech. My joining is on march at trivandrum.
    I am basicaly an ECE Student in Btech and Mtech. Frankly i dnt knw anythng about c, java, dotnetetc. . . Every 1 was scaring me thatif u dnt perform wel in ilp u wl be terminatd. . I dnt knw wht to do know. . If they gave me related to my core branch like Embadded, networking like dis i can perform. I got aspire too. People are saying if ur in for software branches nly u wl get Aspire. I am realy tensd What to do know. Wil i get my core branch relatd there in ilp trivandrum

    • Unfortunately, my friend…that is the truth. I suggest that you take up some coaching or tuition and blindly follow the subjects in Aspire. It’ll help you to the fullest. Take up a JAVA coaching instead. If you know one language, you can easily learn others in case you get .NET or UNIX/C++ in ILP.

  149. hi
    The first page of the service agreement needs to be printed as it is. do we have to add the title SERVICE AGREEMENT?
    The same applies to the non-criminal affidavit. Are we supposed to type AFFIDAVIT at the top of the first page?
    Is it alright if we print the contents as it is without mentioning AFFIDAVIT or SERVICE AGREEMENT?

  150. Another question:
    How am I supposed to print the service agreement? back -to-back(print on the front as well as back) or each page on a separate court/demi paper?

  151. hello.. i hav my birth certificate in hindi? do i need to apply for it again though there r parallel clause for english also in my bc,.. but they are not filled by the authorities.. only hindi clauses they have filled.. what should i do? can i edit my present bc.. by filling english clauses too??

  152. Sir,
    I got attested from a professor in IIT Madras.It seems that he is a gazzeted officer but he attested in blue pen and sealed in all xerox papers,whether this will be accepted in TCS.

    • Ink color doesn’t matter. As for the xerox, you also need self-attested copies (your sign and date) for background check keep more unattested copies with you.

  153. hii,
    i have a doubt regarding ‘for employement as’ clause in non criminal certificate. what i m supposed to fill? ‘assistant system engineer trainee’ or any thing else.

      • Thanks sir,
        one more question.
        i am a DT recruit. so, i have to fill bgc form. there is a clause regarding TCS applicant id. Is my applicant id is same as my dt referene number or different? if different how to know about it?

    • Get a notarized affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper mentioning that the names belong to the same person. This should solve the problem if any arise. Usually, the important things to keep in mind about your birth certificate is that it should be in English. It should have your name, date of birth and place of birth.

  154. Sir, i have a query regarding nca…on the first para last line instead of “…….the submission of the BGC documents to TCSL” i have got printed on the stamp paper the line “…..the submission of the BGC documents to TCS” i.e TCS in place of TCSL i.e L is missing.this has occurred just there elsewhere on the whole nca i have printed TCSL only…so will i have to redo the agreement? please reply urgently because my joining date is just a week away.thanks in advance.

  155. hey zim,while taking e-stamp in my name,my name iz mentioned properly but aftr the name its mentioneed as “son” instead of “son of” followed by my dad’s name which is printed properly…..will it pose any problems due to missing of “OF”?!!!!……reply as soon as possible

  156. sir while purchasing stamp paper from stamp vendor he wrote my name in regional language.does it cause any problem.
    in nca i did struck a word. is it ok…

    • Name should be in English and avoid corrections while filling up. This is why I suggest taking xerox copies and filling them up before you fill in the actual one.

  157. In an affidavit for different names belonging to the same person,i have mentioned TATA consultancy services Limited(TCSL) in this manner due to some typo error(The consultancy and services begin with small c and small s).Will it be a problem?

  158. hi,
    i am not able to arrange a surety, so i have to go for FD option but bank personnel are not aware of anything about how to assign an FD on my name to TCS? Do you know any procedure how to generate a FD in my name and having the words ‘Assign to TCSL’. Because I have no idea how to do that and even bank personnel know anything about this.

    • Surety is the best way available than going through the hassle of an FD! You can get any income tax payee to be a surety. Your father, uncle, relative, neighbour..anyone! Just make sure that he has his current year’s/previous year’s IT returns (attested photocopy needed) and a PAN card (attested photocopy needed) with his correct name and signature (the exact thing is to be provided in the surety verification form). After filling the form, get it attested by a gazetted officer. Done! 😀

  159. hi,
    is there any specific dimension needed in passport size photo which we need to submitt during our joining….coz somevere i read that it should be 3.5*3.5..

  160. hey,
    one insane question
    what we have to write on the top of service agreement first page (100 rs stamp paper above the line ‘ This agreement is …’) and similarly in case of NCA? or just print the lines as its in the tcs service agreement format leaving blank the upper part of stamp paper..

  161. my surity’s full name is Chandrashekhar Krishamurthy, and the same name is mentioned in his PAN Card. but in Form 16, his name is written as K.Chandrashekhar. which one should i write in the SA and SVF? whether i need to make an name affidavit showing that both names are of the same person?

  162. hiee zim….pls help me….i want to quit tcs trivndrum……bt i dont want to pay the 50k money…..its jst 2 weeks for me in ilp……what should i do?????????????help me

    • If you don’t want to pay the money, you have to abscond/ run away. In the future, you can’t join TCS/ any TATA company and you will be blacklisted. Only way out is doing MBA/ M.Tech right now or get a new job. I suggest you complete ILP, start preparing for an exam or get another job, write it and fly away.

  163. Sir my father is my surety but he has different name on his pan card (K N Prasad) and IT retrn form (K Nagendra Prasad) but sign is same on PAN as well as in Service agreement. is it a problem just the expansion of name and all others are quite good?

  164. I hv dne bca nd mca…i hv individual mrkshts of each sem…nd also consolidated mrklst of each sem on a sngle 1….do v nd to tk xrx of al indivdual mrkshts of each sem or d consolidated mrklst vl suffice..?
    Pls hlp…

    • Get a Rs. 20 notarized affidavit mentioning that the signatures done elsewhere and that on the PAN card belong to the same person.

  165. sir.. i hav given permanent address to TCS and in both voter ID and passport i have given residing address… what should i do???

  166. Hello Sir,
    While applying for TCS, I have entered Eleventh standard (10+1) mark too since the option is given. But I dont have the eleventh standard mark certificate. Besides I have given the mark approximately (since i do not remember original mark). Will this create a problem during documents verification? Will they ask for eleventh standard mark sheet since I have entered ? Please help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.

  167. hello sir, i am 2013 TCS joinee
    if i have a break in my education due to personal reason,then what i have to do?
    please reply me soon.

  168. hi sir,
    i have received Joining date 20th aug,2013 and joining location TCS Hyderabad.
    My college is D grade but i received early joining date because i have done Star certification(OCJP Certification).
    My problem is that i didnot receive Hard Copy of my Certificate yet form oracle but they have sent me soft copy of my certificate..
    My Question is ..Is it enough to take print out of the soft copy of my certificate in a Certificate paper and Submit it on the joining date? Or They will ask for Original Cerificate Only?

    • You can take printouts of the certificate. Just have one or two copies attested by your college HOD or principal. Also, you can make copies of your voucher and take the original with you.

  169. HI,
    I had a year gap after my 12th due to my entrance exams. I am producing EDUCATIONAL GAP AFFIDAVIT as told by TCS. But in BGC it is mentioned that if u have any break in study u have to submit some docs. Do i need to produce another doc to support BGC or EDUCATIONAL GAP doc will do?? Does Educational Gap comes under break in studies?? Please help me soon !!

    • You have to provide some kind of evidence for your gap. For eg., if you did some additional course, you have to provide the certificate, result etc. Otherwise, you can just have attested and self-attested copies of your entrance admit card having the date on it.

  170. Hello Sir,
    My ilp joining is Hyderabad 6th August 2013. I have a few questions regarding the documents to be submitted.
    1) The service agreement says “This Agreement made in Mumbai” but i am based in Delhi. Do i have to change it or not?
    2) My birth certificate is in HINDI. Will the notarized affidavit of the english translation be enough as my birth certificate is of my village and it would not be possible to get a new one in time.
    3) I had a break in my study after my 12th exams for preparation of engineering competitive exams.Will that be a problem? I dont have any documents regarding that break.
    4) I got the Affidavit notarized undertaking printed but the stamp paper page is blank and the undertaking i.e “Whereas I , ……” begins from the next page. Do i have to get it changed?

    Thanks in advance. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    • 1) no need to change location. It is Mumbai coz TCS headquarters is in Mumbai.
      2) Just get the affidavit now but I strongly suggest that you apply for a new one in English ASAP.
      3) For breaks in study, you need to provide proof of the reason. Just get an affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper with notary authorization stating the reason for break. Also if possible, take the original and copies of entrance admit card with you.
      4) The writing should start on the stamp paper.

      Hope I could help and wishing you an enjoyable and happy learning in ILP.

    • It is better that you get a notarized affidavit on Rs. 20 stamp paper mentioning that the signatures belong to the same person. Keep copies of this with you for future reference.

  171. Hello Sir, My Father’s name is SANTHANA GOPALAN N. In his PAN card, it is there as SANTHANA GOPALANN (Space missing for initial). And in my Birth certificate, His name is there as SANTHANAGOPALAN (Space missing b/w first and last name). But the name is not misspelled in any. Only problem with spaces. Should I make a name affidavit for that ? Please help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.

  172. Hi,

    For surety verification IT form can be ITR-V? And also the auditor sent me a scanned copy and i took a printout it.. that is okay right? and shud the ITR-V be attested?

  173. Hi, My name is S.Anuranjani and my father name is Sivasubramanian, in all my certificates my name is S.Anuranjani only but in TCS offer letter and joining letter my name Anuranjani Sivasubramanian,it will create any problem ? how should i fill my name in SA?

  174. my b.e aggregate is above 60% if i consider all 8 semesters, but our university(vtu) considers only last four semesters for calculating aggregate and for deciding class and by using their formula my aggregate drops down below 60%.
    please suggest if there will be any problem.

  175. Hey zim in fourth year i went through accident and due to that doctor have advised me to take a gap from study . It will be ok if I submit all medical document pertaining to my accident.

  176. Hai Zim…It’s given that Surety’s passport copy can be submitted as an alternative to the surety verification form.In that case,do i need to get the service agreement attested?

  177. surety’s signature in pancard is slightly mismatched with his signature in Service agreement ..will it be a problem?..if it so what actions will be taken by tcs for it?pls reply..

  178. surety’s signature in service agreement is slightly mismatched with his signature in Pan Card ..will it be a problem?..if it so what are the actions will be taken by tcs for it?pls reply..

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