Once again, DO NOT FREAK OUT if your friends have received some biggie ASPIRE mail and you haven’t!

As you’ll know, Aspire is TCS’ s Pre-ILP Engagement Program! You will receive a mail right before you get your ILP  joining date, mentioning the credentials for logging into the Aspire portal. The PAT test that you’ll be appearing for, right after joining (2nd or 3rd day), is based on the topics here. Well, it’s as boring as it sounds!! More than studying, what’s most annoying is that you have to submit subject-wise feedback every week, upload your assignments and take quizzes frequently! I bet your reaction will also be 😡       hehe!! 😀

NOTE: ASPIRE login credentials will already be given in the first page of your joining letter! If you haven’t received the ASPIRE mail even after a week of receiving your Joining Letter or can’t access ASPIRE, write an e-mail to, with the subject line as “ASPIRE- Pre-ILP Engagement E-Mail Not Received”. Also mention your Name, CT Reference Number, ILP Joining Date, ILP Location and Contact Number in the body of the e-mail.


Coming to the serious stuff, if you are not from CSE/IT/IS stream, you’ll have to go through the concepts rigorously. Trust me, it’ll be your advantage! This little homework for a few months will help you grasp a lot more than people who don’t take Aspire seriously!


The stuff you’ll find in Aspire are:

1 ) Know your TCS

2 ) Basics of Programming

3 ) Web Technology (they’ll give PHP, but study JavaScript, Servlet Programming, JDBC and JSP first)

4 ) Communication

5 ) Unix

6 ) Database Concepts ( and SQL)

7 ) JAVA Basics

8 ) Software Engineering


If you are serious about joining TCS, open your books to get a hold of the aforementioned subjects or better, join some JAVA/ DOT NET/C++ course or tuitions and you’ll be ready for ILP in no time! cool

You’ll be provided with all the materials…more than you can study 🙄 so don’t worry about them! Just make sure you maintain your record by checking into Aspire regularly, submitting feedback, assignments and taking the quizzes! 🙂

You can also visit and study from TCS’ own learning site at:

Your best friend for learning Web Technology:

Or you’ll get a mail from Aspire, stating that your performance is not up to the standard! 😯





Please download all three documents and see which one suits your requirement, as quizzes can be different!

ASPIRE QUIZZES WITH ANSWERS 2011 (Click to Download!)

ASPIRE QUIZZES AND ANSWERS 2012 (Click to Download!)




  • Fundamentals of Database Management Systems- 3rd Edition (Elmasri-Navathe). Download the book!

UNIX: (The materials given are also useful if you get UNIX stream in ILP) :

  • UNIX ASSIGNMENT (latest assignment is in Aspire quizzes and answers 2012 document above!)
  • Teach Yourself Shell Programming for UNIX in 24 Hours– Download the book! (REQUIRED FOR ILP UNIX STREAM )


  • Learn JAVA the fun way! Download Head-First-Java-2nd-edition (Great for Beginners!)
  • Java 2 The Complete Reference 5Th Ed – Herbert Schildt (A must-have JAVA Reference Book!)
  • If you want to prepare for the SCJP exam for certification,  go for JAVA 2 SCJP Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates (Not a part of Aspire)


  • Learn JSP and Servlets- Download Head First Servlets and JSP (Great for Beginners, especially if you get JAVA stream in ILP. Even better if you can buy the book or get it from a library!)



You just need a basic understanding of the different software life cycles and their steps  to know how projects work! You don’t have to cram and learn everything by heart!



  • JDK- Download it! (Please choose the JDK according to your Operating System. This is required for compiling and running JAVA code.)
  • Eclipse IDE- Download! (You can write and run JAVA programs as well as develop a JAVA-based web application 😉 )
  • Apache Tomcat 7- Download! (Server for deploying the web application)
  • Oracle 10g Express Edition Database- Download from Oracle! (you need to sign up first to download it!)

Please let me know if I missed anything and please mention if any link is not working! 😯




180 thoughts on “ILP ASPIRE

    • not necessarily! There might be different questions every time with a few similar questions. Know the basic concepts very well and your exam will be good.

    • there are basic questions and the test is very easy. Just keep your concepts clear! Don’t be tensed as PAT exam isn’t that significant!

  1. hi 🙂 I am yet to get my jl….. can u please tell me if v will get the stream of our choice during ilp or its not up to us?

    • No, you will be given a random stream. If you have a certification, you can show it on the 1st day and might get your preferred stream. For example, if you show that you have an SCJP certification, you’ll be given JAVA stream!

  2. Sir,i have selected in tcs on sep 2011,from C grade govt. University.when will i receive my joining letter and wat is my doj.plz rply

  3. Hi there!!!

    Web Technology Quiz is missing in your link ‘aspire quizzes and answers 2012’.

    Plzzz help!

    Waiting for your reply……

    • It usually takes a little longer than B-grade colleges but don’t worry! You’ll get your joining! Prepare well during these months! It’s a golden period!

  4. @ Zim, I’ve already checked ‘Web Technology Quiz’ in both ‘Miscellaneous aspire stuff’ and ‘2011 aspire quizzes and answers’ link of yours.

    In ‘2011 aspire quizzes and answers’, Web Technology Quiz has only 5 questions and that too its of previous year.

    Can you please provide me the link for latest 2012 Web Technology Quiz answers ?

    • Everywhere there’s those 5 questions only. If you’re willing to provide the questions, the solutions can be provided! I do not have access to the new questions 🙂

  5. Can u tell me which is the best stream out of all. I have done Oracle certification will it increase my chances of getting JAVA stream.
    Are the rooms alloted in hostel by our will or it’s their wish

    • I find JAVA to be best because I’m in JAVA! 😛 But, you can excel in any stream and you’ll get projects too! Rooms will already be allocated but a lot of it depends on ‘First Come First Serve’. You’ll have to talk to the person who’s assigning the rooms! 🙂

    • You cannot change your stream after allotment. If you have 1st preference as Delhi, chances are high that you’ll get your posting there. If you are talking about a location transfer, then you’ll need either medical reason (yours/ parents) or someone to exchange locations with (swap). Marks in Aspire and TCS have nothing to do with your stream allotment. They say a lot of things like that, but it doesn’t matter in the end!

  6. hey….nice blog…very helpful…for downloading the web tech assignment,it’s asking 2 get registered on and then go for a premium account and that is paid.Is there any other way of downloading that assignment???…or it will be great if u can mail me on

  7. Hey! Can you tell me if there are any streams allotted to people from a non IT background!? I’m a mechanical engineer and I’d like to know if there are any streams offered for people like us in TCS :D. I do know about the EIS division, but are people allocated into that stream in Trivandrum? Thanks a lot ZIm! 🙂

  8. Well one of my friends, who was in TCS trivandrum for the ILP, was given the EIS domain last year. He was a mechie as well. Do you have any idea about the EIS domain Zim? 😀

    • I don’t have much idea about EIS but it is an ISU. EIS is engineering industrial services..It has telecom, embedded system,mechanical and many other options. Here technical(mech/electrical) projects for clients like General motors,cummins,NISSAN motors, Tata Motors are done… has many verticals like aerospace , automotive, industrial machinery..It is good for people looking for CAD/ CAM CAE projects. Anyway, you’ll need basic IT knowledge like UNIX/C++ and also electronics!! Please read to know about EIS.

  9. sir…
    i got the first aspire mail stating the login credentials and the date of it is the day following when i received the mail about my joining date….when can i get the second aspire mail which contains the details of the first week assesments and syllabus…usually

    • You’ll receive only one mail from Aspire before you get your joining mail. Your group and login credentials are mentioned in this mail. You’ll get to know the syllabus and stuff once you log in!

  10. sir….
    The instructions are given in aspire mail that all the assignments and assessments are to be completed within the schedule.what is here schedule refers to…and i want to know whether the schedule is prebuilt by the instructors or i have to build up my own schedule according to my convenience so that the syllabus can be completed before joining…..
    If the schedule is prebuilt ,where can i find the deadlines(in the aspire portal menu i found ‘schedule’ and in that i cant find any deadlines) vat to do
    plz reply me…..

    • Aspire has predefined schedules and syllabus. I don’t remember the outlook of Aspire now but you’ll get everything in the group you are allotted to. Deadlines and everything are shown on the right side for your convenience!

  11. Hi, Will posting be decided in the initial 2-3 days itself after joining Trivandrum ? I got a calling letter to join trivandrum next mnth. So wanted to check with you as to when will we know our posting location after 3-4 months of training in trivandrum

    • Your posting location will be shared with you on the 2nd/ 3rd day of joining after the PAT exam! It depends on the requirements, keeping your choices in consideration!

  12. Do ITIS people have the PAT test? how do you come to know what is your domain? what is the initial preparation required for ITIS persons?
    While filling the application prior to my placement i had given ITIS as my area of interest,but i do not know if I am recruited in ITS or ITIS. So how do I come to know that?It was not entioned in the joining letter as well.I have my ILP at hyderabad from 11th dec 2012

  13. Hi ,i didn’t receive the aspire mail but i can access it.Is this activated for all IT,ITIS,EIS!.And how to find we are in IT,ITIS, EIS batch?

  14. thanku so much for ur info:) very helpfull….actually i was planning for higher studies n didnt go through aspire well……,can i cope up with pace..?? worried 😦

    • Of course, you can! Just be open-minded and give your best. Take help if you have to! Get coaching in a programming language before you join! All these will help you cope up when you join ILP! 🙂

  15. Hi, I have a query regarding birth certificate!
    I don’t have my original birth certificate as it was submitted to my school according to the norms of school at that time. Only i have is a photocopy of that. So my question is that would it be sufficient or suggest me a way around!

    • Get a notarized affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper. You have to get that certificate back or apply for a new one ASAP! That’s the only choice you have.

  16. I find your blog extremely informative. Thank you for all that you’ve shared.

    I wanted to know if the Computer Science students have an advantage over people from other branches in the Aspire or ILP period. Coming from a non-CS background, I find some topics in Aspire quite daunting, like web technology. How do you suggest I go about it?

    • Thank you for visiting my blog! 😀 CS students definitely have an advantage in ILP as they’ve been exposed to different programming languages and subjects. Non-CS students can also enjoy that advantage if they utilize the time before ILP and gain knowledge in these areas. This is because once ILP starts, it becomes very difficult to cope up with all the pressure and new concepts. Web Technology is very easy. In fact, the easiest. The best place to learn web tech is: Basic web tech means you have to study HTML, CSS and JavaScript only! 🙂 Trust me, you won’t take much time to learn these. They’re pretty interesting.

  17. It’s just the jargon then, kind of scary, when you’re hearing it for the first time. 😛 But I feel much better about giving it a try now, so thanks!

    Also, about the bench period about which you hear So many stories! How bad is it really?

    • Bench period is the time after ILP and before you get a project. It’s a golden period and a few months isn’t really that bad! Again, in this time, you are advised to revise what you have learned in ILP, get a certification, do a new course, give exams, increase your competencies in iCalms (in Ultimatix, TCS’ web portal) etc. If you do these, project interviews will go smooth as cream! 😀

  18. this blog is very info,, i like it lot..i got my joining letter on dec 13, i got my training period in chennai, inbetween this gap i got married my hubby working in bangalore. its they give base branch for me in bangalore?

    • yes…if you get something else as a base branch, talk to your supervisor and present your marriage certificate. They’ll change your location! 🙂

  19. sir, i had completed my certification in JAVA , did they give me that stream ?,if i show my certificate.else its based on their wish..

  20. hi …… ur blog is superb ….. both in info u shared n the look 🙂 well done 🙂

    is there project interviews for every project ?

    i hav no certification with me 😦
    will it affect me anyways?

    • Thank you very much! 😀 All projects will have interviews 😦 certification is not mandatory but it will only give you an advantage. Certification can be done anytime. Even after you join a project. Just revise what you have learned during ILP and keep your concepts clear. You will also have to do quizzes and web courses in iCalms (in Ultimatix, TCS’s web portal). This will ensure that you are sure of whatever you know and you will get into projects easily. The most important thing is to show them, your willingness to work 🙂 Most projects look for that in trainees.

  21. sir, i had one doubt about address. i mentioned one address when i register for TCS in past,so , that address is present in my call letter and joining letter but currently i am not residing in that address. Is it will be any problem in future? can i need to change the address ? 😦


    ARPIT here again !
    I just was going through the comments on this page……..and i found that ppl from c grade colleges are still waiting……..did it happen last year tooo?
    also i wanted to ask whether Electronics ppl will get EIS branch…as i am an more interested in embedded systems ?

    • C grade colleges last year didn’t have to wait so long as TCS was in a hurry to recruit. This year, TCS has reduced it to 50%. You can get any branch. Nobody knows what TCS decides and how it decides.

    • Only TCS executive hostel has gym facilities. Laundry service is available. I don’t remember the cost exactly but somehow I didn’t like their service so I washed my clothes myself!

  23. sir, In my old address which i mentioned earlier , my grand ma staying sir. That’s enough ? or i need to be in that address . 😦 sir?

    • just ask your grandma to say that you stay there! Since you have already stayed there, there’s no problem! They might ask questions like where your parents are and all, she can just say that you stay with your grandma!

  24. ok sir thank u so much 🙂 . ..I am not getting any idea about project., can u just give me some idea about that overall.. 🙂

    • Projects will have interviews before they take you. You’ll be working in any kind of project. Development, Support, Testing, Change Request (Enhancement). Join ILP and you’ll know how projects work.

  25. sir my call letter and tcs offer letter hav old door num… now v hav new num tat in my voteid,,rationcard,,passport,driving license… wat i do???? any pblm??????

  26. sir, i heard that training period totally 2.5 months, one month need to be work in joining place and 1.5 month need to be work in base branch which they allotted after ILP… Is it so?? sir…….

    • nopes…around 2.5 months…first phase is teaching all the basics. Next phase is the project phase. That’ll be done during the training only. At least, that’s what we all did!

    • 2.5 months in ILP. After that, you’ll report to your base branch. Then onwards, you’ll be reporting to your domain’s RMG. He/she will allocate you to projects. You have to clear project interviews to get into a project.

  27. ok sir.. still there is a confusion in that.. i will ask you once i get some more details about that sir.. thank u so much 🙂

  28. sir … my friend name is priyadharsini, while she register for tcs in past she gave priya in first name and dharsini in middle name.. so that.. priya alone stated in joining letter and call letter. In all her certificates (marksheets,degree certificate.. so and so)the name stated as priyadharsini , it will be any problem in TCS ? DID SHE NEED TO CHANGE? 😦

  29. Thanks for this blog….. Got many info sir. Having some doubts too.. My joining date is on dec. For affidavit witness I got signed by my father? Will tcs accept it r need to get sign from another person sir?
    Then whether Service agreement and all other photo copies need to be attested by the same person? Will it cause any problem if they are different sir?….. Waiting for ur reply sir……

  30. hello,

    your blog is really very helpful. my training date is 26 dec in trivandrum. i am from ec branch. um a bit worried about um working so i cant manage time to study..plzz guide me which subjects shoud i focus on. N wit salary do they offer during training

    • Congrats! Even my joining was on 26th Dec, Trivandrum last year! 😀 Don’t worry about PAT as it doesn’t matter. Just follow the subjects in Aspire! Study JAVA, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSP and basic UNIX for now! Web Technology from (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and JSP is really easy so, it’ll take no time at all! Study JAVA simultaneously with these and you’ll be totally prepared for something in ILP. Salary after joining ILP is around 17-18k without HRA

  31. Hi again! Many thanks 4 the gr8 info on ur blog!
    I have another query. I have 2 join ILP on 26 dec, hyd. Can i opt out of the accomodation that will be provided by tcs or it is compulsary to avail that accomodation?

  32. hello,,As I saw the comment sayin as “First come First served” for gettin rooms so If I come late say one day before joinin ILP (16 Dec) JD on 17dec Is ther chance of not gettin rooms??If I come with my frendz then Is ther chance of alloting rooms for both of us together…??Nor randomly alloted??
    Btw your blog is really helpful…

    • Rooms are allocated on First come first serve basis. You and your friend can come together to get a room together. If in rare cases, the accommodation is full, they’ll give you a temporary place to stay until the TCS accommodation Admin fixes something.

  33. hello zim , one of our friend in this blog mentioned that.. project level in bangalore is poor..? is it so zim… mostly they will do projects in what stream?.. waiting for ur reply..

  34. hello,
    your blog is really very helpful.i am from electronics and communication branch and got placed in both L&T IES and TCS .. I got my tcs joining date as 7th jan ahmedabad . Rather than sitting at home i thought of joining tcs and just wanted to know if i could leave tcs after a month or so when i get my lnt ies joining date? i have heard the sum to be paid is 50k which can be negotiable to 30k or so?? i am really confused whether to join or wait for lnt.. needed ur advice on this one..
    thanks 🙂

  35. u gave a nice n helpful info…………..i have a doubt abt quizzes in aspire..v r allowed to take a quiz for a once in aspire….but u said that you have to submit subject-wise feedback every week, upload your assignments and take quizzes frequently!…..seriously i couldnt fathom.plz make me to clear in this.

    • Write an e-mail to, with the subject line as “ASPIRE- Pre-ILP Engagement E-Mail Not Received”. Also mention your Name, CT Reference Number, ILP Joining Date, ILP Location and Contact Number in the body of the e-mail.

  36. oh!! i am totally upset zim.. 😦 my hubby working in Bangalore, I need to be there, what i will do if project is so low in bangalore means… what stream they doing project more. please give me some idea zim. It’s troubling me a lot 😦 .. waiting for ur reply….. 😦

  37. sir ….i don’t understand about the service agreement in which i have to make a fix deposit of 50000 rupees in the name of TCS ..or i have to make a fix deposit in my name and hand over the documents to TCS please help me about thi topic

    • If you cannot find a surety, you’ll have to make a FD of Rs. 50,000 and submit the slip to TCS during joining. If you can manage to find a surety (recommended), you just need to fill the surety verification form, provide attested copies of surety’s PAN card and IT return form with surety’s signature matching with that done in your service agreement. Done! 😀

  38. Please give some details on PAT
    is the paper objective type or subjective?
    n wt is the level of exam..lastly..wt role it actually play during ilp.
    one more thing..m from non cs background n c.c++,dbms,sql..these r fine with me as i read in my semesters..but java?unix?softare engg.?n web technology?
    i mean it all goes overboard,,as there isnt much time left for me to join.

    • PAT is objective type and it doesn’t really determine anything. It is a way to see how much previously prepared you are. If you decide to learn all the rest during ILP, it’ll be a tough job and you have to work harder than you know. Before you join, work harder now. If you know C or C++, learning any programming language is very easy. Join a tuition or ask somebody to give you a crash course on basic JAVA. As for web technology, you can visit to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These won’t take much time.

    • Aspire is necessary to give you an idea about what you’re about to encounter in ILP. It will not affect anything but it will heavily affect your preparation if you completely neglect it.

  39. Hey Zim,thanks for clearing all of our doubts, its a nice service… que is ;How to get the IT returns of the surety whom i ll assign n is there any rule tat surety must have min of 50k rs in his bank acc?…kindly clear it

    • No. Just have attested copies of surety’s PAN card and IT return form (current/previous year’s), with name and signature matching with that done in your service agreement.

  40. hello..ur blog is really helpful…but i have a query– in all my certificates my fathers name is sunil nayyar..but in his pan card its sunil kumar so its in his IT returns also…he is my surety so while filling the service agreement and surety form at the place of name of surety his name will be filled as sunil kumar and while filling fathers name i have to fill sunil nayyar… so will there be any problem if in all documents my father’s name is sunil nayyar but in surety form it is sunil kumar …plzz reply thanx in advance..

    • If you have finished taking the course, don’t stop there. Take the OCJP/SCJP exam and get a certification. This will give you a fine chance to have JAVA stream.

    • You’ll be given Remedial (extra assignments, extra effort and extra time) if you are not performing well. If you don’t clear Remedials/ exit interviews on the 55th day of ILP, you’ll be given LAAP (extra 15 days of assignments after ILP).

  41. Sir, are they going to allot us our posting centers based on ASPIRE grades?(my grades are between 7 and 9) and I am from non-CS branch.

  42. hello zim, i have completed ccna but my TCS profile is IT. Will i be switched over to itis or i have to satisfy with IT. ILP location Pune starting date 25 march

  43. Sir, are they going to post us to our preferred places based on grades in aspire? Iam from non-CS branch and my grades are between 7 and 10.

  44. Hey Zim, i have a question regarding ASPIRE. as i hv dn my btech in Mechanical, so i dont hav dat much knowledge about the mentioned sub. lik UNIX.etc..And i ws not able to take any quiz n assignments.. so i want to know whether is it very imp. to do ASPIRE? If i didnt do anything in ASPIRE wat wolud happen.?. imean does it effect on havin baselocation? Sir plzz guide me..m joining is on 14 Feb..

    • Unfortunately, you can’t choose your stream. Recently I’ve heard that top 5 or 10 ranks in the PAT can decide their streams. I don’t know this for sure. Otherwise, if you have an OCJP certification, you’ll get an opportunity to choose JAVA stream 🙂

  45. when the stream will be alloted?(first day of joning or after some time or end of the training)&i didn’t take any coaching about any it become ?

    • Aspire subjects are just to give you a picture of what you’re about to learn in ILP. All the subjects that you learn in Aspire form a kind of preparation for you. Stream is allotted on the 2nd day of joining. No special coaching is needed. Just follow Aspire and join a coaching if you need help or are completely new to the subjects!

  46. hey hi zim!! i want 2 knw if the kurta can have cut sleeves? the kurta to be worn wid salwars…………. and are narrow bottom trousers considered as a proper formal attire?

    • kurtis are fine…it doesn’t matter if it is sleeveless or not. Just make sure that it is just a little below the knees and not too short! Any formal trousers are fine!

  47. hai zim !!!!!!!!

    my name has no expansions on my mark lists in my passport and in my driving license…. but it is expanded in my dob and in my pan card……….
    should i need any affadivit ?????????? please help me …….

  48. hello sir ,
    I am from chem engg background and selected in campus recruitment drive of TCS i am totally confuse about wat type of work/project i will get in TCS and what are the scope of chemical student in TCS
    plz help me regarding this

    • As I tell all non-CS students, since you are recruited and if your decision is to join TCS, then start preparing for it. Now is the time. Take coaching or tuition on CS subjects like JAVA/C++, basics of programming languages, Basic UNIX, DBMS and SQL, Web Technology like HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSP, Servlets. Before you get your joining letter, you will get TCS pre-ILP study portal credentials called “Aspire” which will guide you, give you materials and keep you under a tight schedule. Based on the subjects mentioned here, you will give an objective type assessment on the 2nd/3rd day of joining TCS. The scores are not that important but it is essential to prepare yourself for the toughness of ILP. Before that, you can start preparing. After ILP is over, you will be considered equivalent to a CS student. After that, you will report to your domain’s resource manager in your posted location who will tag you to projects. You will again have to give project interviews to get into a project. Please go through– ti know more about what you need to study to be fully geared up for ILP. Also, go through to know more.

  49. due to internet problem my communication quiz automatically submitted,score is it a serious problem. will they consider it seriously?

  50. I got married after completion of my education.i had surname of my hubby’s on passport and i have to give any proof regarding to changed surname(like marriage certificate)?

    • Passport is not a mandatory document. Anyway, keep a Rs. 20 stamp paper notarized affidavit with you. And also carry photocopies and original of your Marriage Certificate.

  51. Hey Zim,
    I have my joining on 7 th march chennai…do you have any idea regarding Chennai…..the projects and opportunities .??? As i am totally unaware of it….i have also heard that , i’ll be getting Chennai as my Base branch….which was not in my preference..But still i am happy…as everything Happens for Good..:D

  52. hey zim, a big thanks to u for helping us..:)
    I just want to know about the accomodation which tcs gives to the student of trivandrun ilp???? and Is our posting is based on the locations which we’d mentioned during the acceptance of offer letter???

    • Girls can be accommodated in the Peepul Park hostel in the campus, or executive hostel just 10 mins away or they can give you some local lodge! 😀 Other than Peepul Park, no other place poses restrictions on electronic devices (except laptop, phone), food items and plastics. As far as locations are concerned, TCS decides your final location keeping your choices in mind. Ultimately, it depends on the requirements of the location, resources etc.

    • I got my documents attested by the BEO in black ink and the seal is in regional language….does it create any problem…?kindly reply soon…my DOJ is on 22 march…

      On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 3:19 PM, Zim’s Life in TCS Trivandrum! wrote:

      > ** > tanu commented: “thank u…:)” >

    • Don’t listen to TCS when it says Aspire matters and PAT decides your location. TCS tries to give your location preference but most of the time it decides beforehand depending upon factors such as resources needed, projects available etc.

  53. I got my documents attested by the BEO in black ink and the seal is in regional language….does it create any problem…?kindly reply soon…my DOJ is on 22 march..

  54. Most helpful blog, i ever came across. I’am a non-cs personl…just want to know, courses like catia, pro-e, autocad,solidworks,revite etc etc, ‘ll be of any advantage or as mentioned above, d knwldge of cs syllabus will be sufficient?? and what’s dis certification details in nxtstp?? they havent mentioned any kinda list of certificates..
    Any suggestions will be helpful.

    • Please go through the subjects mentioned in ASPIRE, TCS’s online learning portal, whose mail you will get shortly before you get the joining letter. Only those subjects are important. Do them sincerely and you’ll cope up.

  55. Sir, I have been selected in TCS EIS division. I am from Grade A college. Can you please tell me when i will get the joining letter?

  56. Thanks for this useful blog. I lived in an a different residence when i registered for TCS, Now i have shifted my home recently. Although my home is nearer to my last home ,do i need to change my address in TCS and how could i change that.
    And regarding accommodation , i live in chennai and my ILP center is chennai,. Will i be given accommodation by TCS or will i have to arrange my own accommodation as my home is too far from ILP center

    • You can call up the ILP helpline and ask them what to do about the address. As for accommodation, you will get a mail whether you will be provided accommodation or you have to arrange by yourself.

  57. hello sir,
    i made my affidavit/notarized undertaking (non-criminal) but witness are my parents.
    will it work or i have to find some other witness??

    • JAVA, UNIX, Web Tech, DBMS, Software Life Cycle. These are enough. If you have time, do go through J2EE topics like Servlets, JSP, MVC.

  58. Hey i havent got any mail from ASPIRE. So i dont have login-id and password. My joining date is in August. what should i do? will they send me one month prior to joining?

    • Write an e-mail to, with the subject line as “ASPIRE- Pre-ILP Engagement E-Mail Not Received”. Also mention your Name, CT Reference Number, ILP Joining Date, ILP Location and Contact Number in the body of the e-mail.

  59. hi,
    i am from mechanical and automation stream, i have my joining on 3 sept at tcs hyderabad, i have knowledge of basic programming and DBMS, but rest of the subjects are completely unknown to me, i am very scared about ASPIRE and ILP.
    please tell me what do?

    • Please follow ASPIRE and if possible, get a friend or relative to explain a bit about every subject to you. It’s never too late to start studying, so I suggest that you join a crash course and try to grasp as much as possible!

  60. Hi,

    Wanted to know one thing.. 85% in ASPIRE is a bad score?? Heard that people are getting 90% above in ASPIRE!! I have got my ILP at Ahmedabad. Joining date is 18th September 2013. How much do I need to score in PAT if I want to switch over to R&D section? I am Msc Comp Sc 1st class 1st, Univ of Calcutta and also National Award winner!! Will these achievements be seen by TCS in giving my technology stream and location? Please help me out!!!!

  61. Hi,
    I am from NON CS,i have my joining on 22nd august. I have completed my German Language (B1 LEVEL) and i have also uploaded it in tcs portal. Just want to know whether TCS will consider all these certifications???? i have my aspire score in the range 60-75%…am very much worried about the PAT exam.Plz help me..thanks in advance

    • Your German certification can be useful while getting a project. Right now, please go through ASPIRE concepts and the questions provided.

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